April 16, 2021

100% recycled and recyclable made in France football shirts


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Two young entrepreneurs have launched an eco-responsible sports brand. Equipment, such as swimsuits and shorts, is made with plastic recovered from the sea. Once worn, it is recycled again. A virtuous circle. #IlsOntLaSolution

Putting a stop to preconceived ideas and showing that sport can rhyme with environmental protection, this is the challenge taken up by two entrepreneurs based in Nice. These young eco-responsible equipment manufacturers make sports jerseys with plastic bottles collected in the Mediterranean, as Olivier Guigonis, co-founder of the Phénix Sport brand, explains: “We are going to make granules, glitter, we are going to melt these glitter, it will become stringy, then fabric thread. You need 12 bottles to make a swimsuit”.

The manufacture of these jerseys saves 59% energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 32% compared to traditional polyester equipment. About fifty sports structures are already interested and the amateur club FC Cimiez in Nice already equips some of its licensees with these products.

Eco-friendly football shirts from the Cimiez club in Nice (France Télévisions / France 3 Côte d'Azur)

Since its creation during the first confinement, the brand has expanded its offer. It offers not only football equipment but also rugby, volleyball, handball, basketball and badminton. It must be said that one of the founders of the company masters the subject well since he was product manager for renowned sports equipment manufacturers.

Once worn, these shirts, shorts and socks are in turn recycled. The damaged textiles are crushed again, melted down and transformed into educational materials such as practice cups, cones and hoops.

This brand has established itself as the first eco-responsible equipment manufacturer and with the number of sports clubs. And the prospects are huge. France has in particular 18,000 football clubs and 2 million licensees. It remains to change mentalities … Another kettle of fish.

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