June 1, 2023

154 female employees work at the gates of the Grand Mosque

The Assistant Agency for Women’s Field Services and Affairs in the Grand Mosque represented by the Department of Women’s Doors is concerned with receiving and welcoming women visitors to the Grand Mosque and facilitating the movement of women’s entry through (154) experienced and qualified female employees, practicing the process of verifying women’s bags with high professionalism and professionalism distributed over the 17 doors Baba) .

This department is the interface that receives female pilgrims and Umrah performers when they enter the Holy Mosque, and one of its most prominent services is organizing the entry of Rahman’s guests through the doors of the Grand Mosque, directing them to doors and entrances of less density, and providing the opportunity for the largest possible number of female visitors to the Holy House to perform their rituals with comfort and tranquility.

The Women’s Doors Department contributes to many services that help reduce overcrowding in light of the massive influx of pilgrims and visitors.

The Women’s Doors Department team, in cooperation with the security authorities, is working to divert the paths of pilgrims and visitors, in addition to diverting some other doors to exit only, after making sure that the chapels inside the Grand Mosque are full.

The Women’s Doors Department’s work is supervised by the Assistant Agency for Women’s Services and Field Affairs, to ensure the provision of the finest and finest services.


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