May 16, 2021

38 chapels for men and 22 for women in the third expansion of the Haram

During the month of Ramadan this year, the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque opened the third Saudi expansion in the Grand Mosque, to perform prayers, in order to achieve the highest safety standards, and to apply precautionary measures to ensure the safety of those who come and visitors to the old house.

The presidency has equipped (60) prayer rooms inside the expansion (38) for men, and (22) for women. SOA.

On the mechanism of work and the equipment made by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque during the past days, the Director of the General Administration for the Third Saudi Expansion, Engineer Faris bin Muhammad Al-Matrafi, stated that the quantities of Zamzam water that are distributed daily to worshipers amount to (12950) liters distributed over ( 127) a cylindrical bag, (19) tow bags, and (33) thousand single-use packages, distributed to the worshipers through (50) bags.

Al-Matrafi said the service work in the third Saudi expansion is carried out through (288) workers, (22) observers, (8) supervisors, in addition to (91) employees, divided into four groups to work around the clock.

He emphasized that organizing the entry of worshipers in cooperation with the participating security agencies, and through the doors specified for entry, which are (123,121, 114,104,165,175,111,107,119,100,170,169), and that the doors specified for exit are (106). 116,173), in addition to doors (158) and (125) which open prayer times for exits only), indicating that all the paths and doors of entry after the completion of the prayers and the exit of the worshipers turn into paths and exit doors, for the sake of the comfort and safety of the worshipers, in addition to To provide all walkers and doors with sterilization devices, and awareness posters.

On breakfast meals within the expansion, Al-Matrafi mentioned that the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque distributes packaged meals that ensure the safety of everyone, and all precautionary measures are applied in the distribution operations.

Al-Matrafi said more than (14) volunteer entities participate in the third Saudi expansion, including (150) volunteers participating in distributing meals and educating worshipers, (100) health volunteers, and (150) volunteers from the Saudi Red Crescent Society, praising the structural and engineering design of the expansion. The third Saudi Arabia, which came with the latest designs in a unique and distinctive way, facilitated the process of applying the precautionary measures and distributing the chapels, in light of the provision of all capabilities, to achieve the aspirations of the rulers of the matter – may God protect them – and to provide the best and finest services to the visitors and visitors of the Grand Mosque.

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