April 16, 2021

5 ‘naked’ facts about marriage

Most divorces are because couples do not fully understand the nature of marriage, or deliberately ignore the harsh facts about it.

Chinese writer Truong Ai Linh once wrote: “Love makes people almighty”. Also out of love, couples enter the threshold of marriage, moving into a new stage of life. But what reason makes them disillusioned, and then decide to break out of that shared life? According to the sheet KknewsThis is because sometimes couples do not fully understand the nature of marriage, or deliberately ignore the harsh truth about it. Marriage has 5 important natures.

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Marriage is a sacrifice of freedom

Entering marriage, many people quickly “become disillusioned” because of the loss of their inherent freedom, and at the same time experience problems completely different from their original imagination.

Contrary to your expectations of a sweet, comfortable, free life with your loved one, you realize that marriage makes you attached to too many things: ties to relationships, constraints of time. , economic constraints … That is, to have a happy married life, a stable family, you must “change” with your own freedom.

This is a very fair exchange and plays an important role in married life. So if you just want to hang out like your free time, spend as a single, ready to dive into relationships like never before, then obviously, you can’t get married. happy.

Money is the foundation of marriage

In fact, we live in the material world, so if we want to have a happy life, the economic strength will partly determine the happiness of the marriage itself.

On the threshold of marriage, if you cannot accumulate money, that is already the couple’s initial difficulty. However, if after a period of marriage, when you have children, you still cannot solve the financial difficulties that make your family’s life difficult, then your expectation of a life. Sustainable and happy marriage will be difficult to come true.

Economy directly affects the harmony of marriage, causing people to be squeezed out. Modern life has long gone away from the old story of “a thatched hut, two golden hearts” for a long time. So don’t underestimate the value of money in a married life. Talking frankly about finances as well as improving finances is an important expression in building the quality of your married life.

Marriage does not mean having children

If you are not ready to have children, do not think that “getting married is about having children”. Of course there will be external pressure (from family, friends, neighbors …). However, the most important thing is: how is your birth plan, what have you prepared for it? Do not forget that, raising a child is not a simple thing, it is a preparation of both money and spirit.

In terms of money, you need to prepare money to cover the living expenses for yourself and your children, giving your children a good development environment. Emotionally, you need to be ready for the child to enter your life, ensuring that they have a secure mental and emotional support in all stages of their life. So, if you feel you’re not ready enough, don’t force yourself or your partner to have children. More than anyone, you are the one who has the right to choose a suitable marriage life for you and your partner, not your parents, siblings …

There is no marriage without quarrels

Conflict in married life is a very common thing. There is no couple in life together without anger and friction. So the old people said, “chopsticks and chopsticks are sometimes used”

Many couples rush to give birth after their marriage without any preparation. When the child is born, their familiar life rhythm is disrupted, and the quality of life also declines, directly affecting the marital relationship. Marriage is also broken. However, the key to those contradictions lies in the two words “Compromise”. Whether the two sides are willing to compromise to resolve the consequences of these arguments is the key to preserving marriage.

Even though they are husband and wife, in fact, no one can understand the other half 100%. So, quarreling, conflict is inevitable. Only when learning to compromise, learn to listen, learn to accept and forgive.

Marriage is a reasonable division of labor

The traditional “men build houses, women build homes” model encourages men to make money, while women stay at home to build houses and take care of their children. However, in today’s modern society, with young people’s more progressive thinking, the traditional marriage model is no longer suitable. It also shows that, there is no standard marriage model, and there is no specific division of labor in each family.

The proper division of labor in the family is the key to a happy married life. In this family, the husband can be the mainstay, the wife takes care of the housework, but in another family, the husband can take care of the children and the housework, and the wife is successful in her career and earns a lot of money, ensuring the family has stable economy. The essence of a happy marriage is that the wife can also take on a part of the responsibility to make money, the husband can also share the housework at home, the two of them take care of and cultivate together, based on understanding. and sympathy.

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