June 1, 2023

6 secrets smart women don’t tell their husbands

Wise wives never say the following things to keep the family happy.

Past relationships

Husbands are often curious and inquire about their wives’ emotional relationships before marriage, but most women refuse. Revealing old relationships does not make the couple’s feelings go up, on the contrary, it can cause the relationship to break down because of unreasonable jealousy, even becoming critical when arguing.

It is important that you are a devoted, loving wife in the present and this is no longer related to the past.

Compare husband with ex-boyfriend

Many women affirm that they still love and respect their husbands but inevitably compare themselves with ex-boyfriends.

No man is perfect, the comparison between the old and the new is true, but you absolutely should not use statements like: I am not as psychological as your ex-boyfriend; You don’t understand me like he does…

This type of speech does not change the other person, on the contrary, it only makes them hurt and gradually distance themselves from you more.

Pretend to love your husband’s parents

It is difficult for parents-in-law to treat their daughter-in-law like a daughter, even though there are always hidden conflicts and frictions that are difficult to reconcile, but many wives still pretend to care and love their family. inside and keep the inhibitions to themselves.

Smart wives always keep secrets to themselves. Illustration

Force husband to choose between wife and mother

Even if the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is tense, you absolutely do not push your husband into a dead end and force him to choose “either wife or mother”.

The wise wife will realize that this is an extremely cruel request because both the wife and mother are important women in a man’s life.

Forcing her husband to give up his passion

It can be work-related passions or non-toxic hobbies to relieve stress after work, but they make your husband’s life more meaningful.

Sometimes you will find it annoying when your husband is so absorbed in his hobbies that he neglects the family, but instead of causing stress, a wise wife will know how to adjust and balance her life.

Sex life isn’t so great

Not all couples can be compatible in sex life, but instead of acting depressed, avoiding or speaking out to make the other person shy and self-conscious, you wait for the right opportunity to share. shall.

Phuong Minh (According to India Times)


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