January 28, 2023

7 good feng shui knowledge at home

If you believe in feng shui, you know how important it is when buying a house. Even selling, good feng shui apartments will also help you make transactions easier.

Feng shui is the arrangement and orientation of the house space to have positive energy (also known as prosperity).

Here are 7 feng shui knowledge to note.

Kitchen layout

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house – the main place for you to prepare food to feed the whole family. Therefore, good feng shui in the kitchen will positively impact health and wealth.

The kitchen is the fire element, while the sink is the water element. Kitchen feng shui is good when the stove is not directly facing the sink. Putting them opposite will cause them to be in conflict, causing quarrels and tension between family members.

The location of the kitchen in the house is also an important factor for good feng shui. The kitchen should be placed in the south or southwest corner of the house based on the bagua (energy map).

Feng shui based on the bagua divides the house into nine areas, each related to a certain aspect of life such as wealth, prosperity, love, health, etc.

The kitchen should also not be placed in the center of the house because it represents the heart of fire. This layout can cause bad luck and health problems.

The main door is not facing the kitchen

The main door of the house is very important in determining good or bad feng shui because it is where the qi enters. So it is important that it is in the right position and in the right direction. A sign of good feng shui is that the main door does not face the kitchen.

Another rule of thumb is that the kitchen or hob door should not form a straight line with the front door. The fire energy of the kitchen will clash with the air entering the house.

Some of the negative effects of such an arrangement are health problems, financial problems, discord or even accidents.

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The front door does not face the elevator or stairs

If your front door doesn’t face elevators and stairs, that’s a good sign.

Opening and closing the elevator door is likened to a tiger opening its mouth to prepare for the next meal. If your front door faces the elevator, it can cause discord, fights and accidents in the family.

Although this concept is not supported by many feng shui experts, anyway, the door is opposite the elevator, your family will not have privacy.

The front door should also not face the stairs. It is believed that if the front door faces the stairs, energy will continuously flow out of your home and move downwards. This causes a financial loss because it will be easier for your property to “roll” down the stairs.

The bathroom is well arranged

The bathroom is the place in the house where a lot of water comes in and out. The “water” element in feng shui is associated with wealth. So if your bathroom is misplaced, it means your property will be ruined.

One thing to avoid is placing the bathroom door directly opposite the front door. Similar to the kitchen, such a layout will cause the air entering the house to go directly to the bathroom and be flushed out.

The door is not directly facing the neighbor’s door

Houses with front doors facing each other are bad feng shui signs. If your main entrance is directly facing your neighbours, there will be an exchange of energies between the two, leading to many conflicts and arguments.

Even if you don’t apply feng shui knowledge, you should not have the front door facing the neighbor’s apartment because of less privacy.

However, because today’s apartments are designed to be very small, it is difficult to avoid the door facing the neighbor. You can hang a bagua mirror on the door to minimize the negative effects.

House facing open space

If your house has an open and unobstructed view, it is good for feng shui because it symbolizes the red phoenix, one of the four guardian deities of feng shui.

The red phoenix symbolizes inspiration and openness to new ideas and opportunities. Thus, unobstructed views and open spaces will help facilitate the smooth flow of energy. If your home faces a tall building or a hill, it may impede the flow of energy.

The house is not located near highways, major roads

Most buyers want to avoid buying a home near highways or major roads because of traffic noise and smog. Another factor to not buy such a house is due to feng shui.

In feng shui, the flow of traffic is compared to the flow of rivers and the roads that bring energy to the house.

Therefore, a slow and meandering river is more auspicious than a straight and fast flowing river. That is why it is advisable to choose houses located on quieter streets or alleys for more positive energy.

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