June 1, 2023

7 truths after divorce

If you are constantly in conflict, out of love, breaking up is the way to solve the deadlock, avoid suffering and make your life comfortable.

Life is easier

Most think divorce is the culmination of heartache, despair, fear and fatigue, but those who have experienced it say that this feeling doesn’t last forever, even an opportunity for you to have new experiences. Future.

Basically, divorce helps you find yourself again and gradually realize that the marriage is toxic and needs to be ended.

Make your child’s life better

Some studies show that women often worry and wonder if their children will be okay when parents break up, before divorce. But this worry is unfounded, the child can still grow and become strong, just with the support and side of relatives.

Crying is not weak

Crying is simply a temporary release of personal feelings and does not make a woman weak. It is not advisable to hide from a child crying alone because young children also understand that mothers are not robots and also need a moment of weakness.

Breaking up is the best way if both are tired, stressed and want to stop instead of trying to hold on. Illustration: Brightside

Guilt is the hardest thing to let go of

Accepting that life won’t be the same and planning to grow old together is difficult, but it has to be faced. But women after divorce are even happier with new plans, knowing how to live for themselves instead of just focusing on cleaning the house, taking care of children or trying to accumulate assets.

Psychologist’s advice is to stop blaming yourself for draining your energy. Remember, women are capable of anything, just let go of the past.

Shouldn’t wait

Waiting and hoping is great, but it’s not enough. Don’t waste your life, get rid of the bad things and move forward.

Waiting for the other person to change or prolong the psychological stabilization time only makes you tired and difficult to reach your dreams.

Choose to live alone but not alone

After divorce you should enjoy life alone. Although I am used to living with others, receiving help, love, and protection, this is the best medicine.

Psychologists advise that after a divorce, women should not find another relationship to fill their loneliness, but live comfortably, build a circle of friends and start a plan to develop themselves.

Be free

Some people confess that life after divorce will gradually brighten when first feeling free, finding themselves gradually more stable and stronger.

Divorce doesn’t have to be something terrible, it’s just the way you face it, see it, and move on.

Minh Phuong (According to Brightside)


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