June 1, 2023

8 tips to distinguish good quality clothing

Price is not always an indicator of quality. Sometimes the “market” shirt goes on for a decade, and the brand name goes bad after three washings.

Brightside point out the dishonest manufacturer’s tricks to pick up your pocket, as well as how to choose good stuff.

1. Feeling when holding the object in hand

The garment technologists use a special term called “area density”, which stands for weight per square meter of fabric. The higher the index, the more expensive the fabric. You will not need special tools to measure the density. Take an item in your hand and estimate its density. Ultra-thin materials will quickly tear and stretch.

Another method to check quality is to shine under a light. Uneven transparency is an indication of a poor quality item.

2. Lining

In order for the outfit to fit the body, the lining must be thick yet soft. If the item is made of stretch fabric, the lining must be elastic. Similarly, if the item is made of non-absorbent fabric such as wool or cotton, the lining should not be too stretchy.

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3. Rub the fabric

One of the components of the fabric is tablets, which affect the overall shape of the fabric. Synthetic fabrics (polyester, elastane, acrylic, polyamide or nylon) are covered with a variety of tablets on the surface. You do not need to pay attention to this, just when you buy, rub one piece of cloth vigorously against another fabric, if the fabric is ruffled and shrinks, it is a poor quality product.

4. Check the bag

Before selling, a reputable manufacturer will fully sew the jacket side pocket, for the purpose of making clothes elegant. Bags sewn this way will not melt or swell after multiple attempts.

5. Color fading

Poorly dyed clothes can discolour your skin, especially jeans. To check clothes for color, grab a wet washcloth and rub the fabric. If you see colored towels, you should not buy.

6. Stitches, locks

Using poor quality buttons is a way to save costs and reduce costs. Quality garments mean good locking and concealment, as well as a clever way of sewing so that the serrated doesn’t damage the fabric. Good brands even print brand logos on buttons. If you still choose a plastic button top, consider the harmony between the buttons and the outfit you choose.

8 tips to distinguish good quality clothing - 4

7. Smell

Have you ever noticed that some popular stores, especially second hand, have a certain smell? This is all due to formaldehyde. It is an organic gas that disinfects clothes and prevents the appearance of mold on objects. This means we should not only touch and try on clothes, but also smell it. High quality garments should not smell bad. Usually, they will have a neutral or mild perfume scent.

8. Burning

Sometimes, clothing manufacturers conceal an item’s ingredients, preventing buyers from getting a blend of cotton and polyester instead of 100% cotton. To find out what is in the fabric, you can do it at home with a simple tip.

Take spare fabric from clothing and burn. 100% cotton fabric burns very quickly, soot dissolves, smells like burnt paper. The fabrics mixed when burned leave a burning smell like burning plastic.

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