December 2, 2021

Al-Ahly: 10% cashback on “Black Friday”

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait is presenting a special offer on the occasion of “Black Friday”, which includes a cashback of 10 percent on all local and international purchases on Friday and Saturday that are made using “AlAhli – UAE Visa” cards, provided that the maximum redemption is 50 dinars. Add them to an eligible customer’s credit card account.

Eligible AlAhli-Emirates card holders must spend a minimum of 100 dinars to participate in the offer, which includes point-of-sale and e-commerce transactions, at a time when the bank clarified that the customer automatically earns Skywards miles on any spend using credit cards on Flying. UAE”.

Al-Haider, Al-Bassam and Al-Balushi honor Al-Majed

This comes at a time when Al-Ahly Bank, since its establishment in 1967, has continued its development and has risen to become one of the most important and leading Kuwaiti banks that provide a full range of financial and banking services and products.

The bank currently provides integrated and diversified banking services to the individual and corporate sectors across all the markets in which it operates in Kuwait, the UAE and Egypt. The bank relied on facilitating its banking services by simplifying banking transactions and procedures and developing its strong relationships with its customers.

Al-Ahly has a wide network of branches in Kuwait, up to 29 branches distributed in all important areas, in addition to two branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and a branch in the Dubai International Financial Center to provide banking services to companies.

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