May 28, 2022

«Al-Ahly» educates clients to practice dealing with investment funds

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait continues its efforts to spread more awareness and enable customers to become more knowledgeable and experienced in the field of investment and dealing with investment funds, in line with the comprehensive national awareness campaign entitled “Let’s Be Aware” of the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with the Federation of Kuwait Banks.

Participants in mutual funds can deal in different types of assets to make profits. The investment classes available in these funds include stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies, which are usually managed by an asset picker.

The customer deposits the money in an investment savings account to ensure the protection of his money in the future, while the bank invests the money and deposits the profits in the customer’s account at pre-determined intervals, as these accounts are not limited in capital and liquid, which means that the available funds can be withdrawn at any time .

The bank stated that the customer can take advantage of short and long-term investment programs to save important expenses, such as covering the costs of children’s education, buying a house or covering his requirements at retirement age.

These products allow the client to invest his money to achieve a return on the investment, as the amount of the initial deposit, that is, the principal amount and the returns achieved through this approach are returned to the client after the expiry of the specified period for the maturity of the investment product.

The Regional Director of the Retail Banking Department, Ammar Khaja, expressed the bank’s pride in participating in the important public awareness campaign, which aims to provide customers with information while investing their money to enjoy prosperity, stability and happiness.

He noted that it is very easy to be drawn into financial products that promise high returns, without thinking about the risks that the person who earned this hard-earned money may be exposed to, indicating that this initiative aims to make investment a well-thought-out, safe and smooth process.

He said that in the interest of the security and safety of their funds, individual investors are advised to obtain advice and advice from qualified investment specialists, and to ascertain, first of all, whether the products and services in which they plan to invest are subject to regulatory systems and have the required approvals by regulatory and financial authorities.

Khaja stressed that Al Ahli has a team with proven experience and a wealth of knowledge about investments, and is fully prepared to assist clients who need any advice regarding the various products and investments available.

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