October 28, 2021

Al-Ahly Foundation raises awareness about the services provided to people with special needs

Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait stated that it continues its tireless efforts and its firm commitment to raising awareness about the importance of providing appropriate services to customers with special needs, in line with the comprehensive national awareness campaign entitled: “Let’s Be Aware”, organized by the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with the Federation of Kuwait Banks and Kuwaiti Banks .

In a statement, the bank pointed out that the campaign is also in line with Al-Ahly’s commitment to promoting the concept and principles of financial inclusion in all segments of society.

Shady Zahran

Al-Ahly Bank stated that it provides branches designed according to purposes that take into account the requirements of people with special needs in every governorate in Kuwait, supported by facilities and equipment designed to meet their needs, as each branch of the bank’s network of branches includes an ATM that can be easily accessed by a wheelchair. And a private glass room for them equipped with speakers.

He added that it also provides a private car park in those branches so that it is equipped with ramps that allow the use of a wheelchair to reach the branch easily, in addition to providing elevators where required, to allow entry and exit to and from the branch, in addition to providing a number of wheelchairs in them.

And «Al Ahli» indicated that it provides a number of employees who are skilled in dealing with sign language and the ability to print documents in Braille, in order to ensure that blind customers and people with special needs are able to complete their banking transactions independently.

In addition, the bank has added a means of communication in sign language in all its promotional videos on social media, specifically designed to support the “Let’s Be Aware” campaign. Al-Ahly’s Kuwaiti website was also equipped with voice guidance services, allowing Clients independently evaluate and document their experience.

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