April 16, 2021

Al-Faisali turns the tables on Al-Ahly and increases his wounds and suffering

Al-Faisali team transformed its decline and loss with a goal into an exciting and important victory and turned the table on its guest and its counterpart Al-Ahly team and increased its wounds and pains in the match that brought them together on the grounds of Al Majmaah Sports City by winning Annabi Sudair with two goals against a goal for the twenty-first round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League.

In a match that was lavished with excitement and lost and wasted opportunities from the two teams, the first half ended negatively without goals after the attackers of the two teams competed in wasting opportunities for registration, especially Al-Ahlya, where Sultan Mendesh, Abdel Rahman Gharib and Al-Somah lost their lonely goal, and even the penalty kick that Mustafa tackled The angels of Omar Al-Somah at the end of the first half, and Al-Faisali also missed opportunities that were suitable for scoring, most notably the header of Muhammad Qasim and Ghulirmi – in the second half the performance of the two teams, especially the Al-Ahly team, which organized its ranks and attacked from the sides and depth, and from a counter-attack penetrated by Abdul Rahman Gharib and passed it to the starting point Sultan Mendesh, who played a strong player, hits the right post and takes her way into the goal as a first Ahlawi goal, and Al-Ahly grabbed the reins of the midfield and imposed his control and presence, and Shamouska made successful offensive changes in order to adjust the result and in fact from a quick counterattack, Al-Faisali obtained a penalty kick after touching the ball to Al-Ahly defender Mohamed Al Fateel Referee Ahmed Al-Rumaikhani calculated it as a penalty kick that Julio Tavares offered and played it into the net as a goal. Faysalawi tied in the third minute. For eighty, Al-Fasli returns and scores the second goal, winning and stoppage time for his team, with Mohammed Al-Sairi’s header in the ninety-second minute, after a ball raised from the right side, which he played with his head, to bounce from the goalkeeper Al-Owais and return and complete it again inside the goal as a fatal goal, to announce Al-Rumaikhani about the end of the meeting with Al-Faisali’s victory and raise his score to the score The twenty-ninth is in sixth place, which is his seventh victory in the league – while Al-Ahly’s balance is frozen at the thirty-fifth point in third place, which is its sixth loss in the league.


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