December 2, 2021

Al-Husseinan: “Boubyan” seeks to develop the bank’s internal work environment

Boubyan Bank organized its annual exhibition of internal development projects applying the “Lean” method and methodology, in an effort to support the ideas and initiatives of its human resources to improve performance, which will be reflected in customer service.

Executive Director of Change and Development Abdullah Al-Husseinan said that Boubyan always seeks to develop the internal work environment, which unleashes the creativity and innovation forces of all employees to achieve its main objectives.

Faisal Al Shuwaird

He added that the “Lean” methodology is based on creating a work environment that encourages employees to identify development opportunities, through the challenges they face during the performance of their daily job tasks, and transform these opportunities into projects that are being worked on, and leave a positive impact on the development and acceleration of the work mechanism that is positively reflected on them. And on customers.

Al-Husseinan stressed the keenness of the Boubyan administration to improve performance and develop all its operations by listening to the opinions of the employees themselves, and studying all their suggestions, in addition to the possibility of putting them into practice, by using the best scientific and technical means, adding that this would give employees the opportunity to participate more. change, and then bring about the required development in order to achieve the bank’s objectives in providing the highest levels of service to the customer.

This comes at a time when the Bank usually organizes the exhibition annually to review the most important development projects, as it reviewed this year about 15 projects in the presence of the Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group, Adel Al-Majed, along with a number of his leaders.

Al-Majed expressed Boubyan’s pride in its human resources that work to develop performance, through the initiatives they undertake, which aim to improve the internal work environment, in order to achieve its strategic objectives and positively reflect on customer service.

Al-Majed thanked all the employees participating in the exhibition who presented a distinguished set of projects to improve performance, at a time when the bank’s initiators presented their projects, explained their details and answered the questions and inquiries of the attendees.

Lean is a global approach adopted by many organizations to speed up their procedures and reduce costs by eliminating waste factors, focusing on customers and the quality of services and products provided.

The Bank’s Continuous Development Department trains a group of employees annually on the “Lean” approach, and provides the support and expertise necessary to complete the project through specialized, qualified and highly experienced employees in this field.

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