April 16, 2021

Al-Khaleej crowned Dashti with 12 times his salary

Gulf Bank revealed the winner of the monthly Kuwaiti salary account withdrawal for the month of September, which was conducted at its headquarters in the presence and supervision of the representative of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, as Mohsen Ahmed Abdullah Dashti was lucky, who won a cash prize of 12 times the salary.

The “Salary” account offer for the year 2020 provides all new Kuwaiti customers who transfer their salaries to the “Gulf”, the opportunity to automatically enter the monthly draw, win 12 times the salary, and the annual draw for the largest salary account prize in Kuwait, which is 100 times the salary.

The “salary” account gives new customers who transfer their salaries to the bank the opportunity to obtain an immediate cash prize of 100 dinars, or an interest-free loan of up to 15 thousand dinars, provided that the salary that is transferred is not less than 500 dinars.

New customers can obtain “Visa” and “MasterCard” credit cards without annual fees in the first year, with the possibility of obtaining a loan of up to 70,000 dinars and repaying it within 15 years, or a consumer loan of up to 25,000 dinars.

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