April 16, 2021

“Al Khaleej” crowns 10 winners of “Al Dana”

On Sunday, Gulf Bank conducted the monthly Al-Danah draw for the month of March, and announced the names of the ten winners, each of whom received 1,000 dinars, and they are Musaed Ibrahim Saeed Al-Rabian, Nabil Muhammad Roudhan Al-Roudhan, Ahmed Qassem Hammoud, Bashayer Abd Al-Latif Al-Hulil, Ibrahim Saad Saleh Al-Mari, and Jasim Muhammad Hussain Ghazanfar, Amal Ahmad Ali Hassan, Mufrah Ghaleb Ghazi Al-Mutairi, Muhammad Gulzar Khan, and Zainab Muhsin Muhammad Hussain.

This comes at a time when “Al Dana” is considered one of the best savings accounts in Kuwait, with its periodic draws that carry valuable prizes and its many advantages for its holders, as it provides monthly chances to win a thousand dinars for 10 winners, in addition to two quarterly draws, each of which is a prize of 100 thousand dinars, and the withdrawal of half An annual one million dinars, and a large annual draw for the grand prize of 1.5 million dinars.

Many advantages

The many advantages enjoyed by Al Dana account clients include that it is the only account in Kuwait that transfers winning chances from the previous year to the following year as part of the reward program for their loyalty and loyalty to “Gulf”.

All winning opportunities for current Al Dana customers, from January 1 to December 31, 2020, were added to the 2021 draws, at a time when all withdrawals are in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, reviewing and auditing the quarterly draws and the annual draw from Ernst & Young.

In a statement, the bank indicated that in order to increase the chances of profit, customers must maintain the amount deposited in the account, and not be less than 200 dinars, or increase it in order to obtain more continuous winning opportunities, and they can also get an opportunity to enter the monthly, quarterly and annual draw.

open account

The bank stated that to participate in the upcoming draws, an Al Dana account must be opened with at least 200 dinars, and an application made through the mobile and internet banking service, or kindly visit the nearest branch for existing customers.

And he indicated that new customers should visit the nearest branch, after booking an appointment for the visit through the “Visit Gulf Bank” application, which in turn makes the visiting experience more easy and easy.

More deposit for more opportunities

“Al Khaleej” provides the possibility of depositing into the Al Danah account easily and conveniently, to enable customers to increase their chances of winning. They can deposit through the mobile and internet banking service, and through the new self-payment service “ePay”, or visit any of the “Gulf” branches. Or through ATMs and interactive teller machines «ITM», or by calling the customer service center (1805805), and creating a free deposit order from other accounts with the bank to «Al Danah».

The bank explained that “Al Dana” is available to Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis residing in Kuwait, and that customers must maintain the minimum balance of 200 dinars to open the account, provided that the same amount is retained to be automatically eligible to enter the next draws.

He added that if the balance falls below 200 dinars at any time, two dinars are deducted from the account on a monthly basis until the minimum balance is met, noting that for customers who open the Al Danah account or deposit more amounts in it, they are eligible to automatically enter the year’s draw. To win cash prizes totaling more than two million dinars.

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