May 16, 2021

Al Khaleej provided the fastest experience for those wishing to postpone their loan payments

While banks and financing companies in Kuwait began to receive their customers’ requests to postpone their loan installments, according to what was stated in Law No. (3) of 2021 regarding postponing financial obligations on citizens for a period of 6 months, Gulf Bank activated its various channels to receive these requests from customers, and designed response programs Fast includes the website, the electronic application, the telephone service, all its branches, and the text message service that was reaching the customer within half an hour of registering it as a maximum.

The reactions of Al Khaleej’s customers on social media were overwhelmingly positive, regarding the speed of procedures and facilitating them. An experience that does not exceed a minute was designed for registration, whether through the website, the electronic application, or the telephone service.

87 percent of the bank’s customers applied to register for loan installment deferrals, and 99 percent of them completed the registration process through the application, website or phone service (47 percent used the application or website, and 52 percent used the phone service), while 1 percent visited Only 100 of them were one of the branches to ask for a postponement.

The deputy general manager of the personal banking services group at Badr Al-Ali Bank said that during the past year, Al-Khaleej started focusing more on developing its various software, and that today it is reaping the fruits of these investments by providing superior services to customers and serving them more smoothly. Only the beginning, and we invite customers to watch for more developments in all the channels through which they communicate with us.

This comes at a time when “Gulf” launched last year its updated automated telephone service, which provides new services and provides a higher level of security, as it was designed so that the customer reaches the department he needs faster.

This update provides the service of activating bank cards through the automated telephone service, and also adds to the security levels in the “Gulf”, so that the customer chooses the password for the phone banking service to enjoy more security.

This enables customers to complete their banking transactions over the phone at a time and place that suits them, and allows them to activate by phone and bank cards, including credit and prepaid cards as well.

Gulf customers can now perform most of the banking operations over the phone, without the need to speak to a customer service employee, which saves them time and effort.

Know your customer

“Al Khaleej” launched an electronic “Know Your Customer” service, which allows customers to update their personal information quickly and easily, as part of its online banking services package.

This service comes as part of the bank’s commitment to increase security and improve the customer’s banking experience, as it is one of the first banks in Kuwait to provide this service through the application and the website.

At the same time, in order to save customers and facilitate them, especially while traveling, “Gulf” has provided the service of sending messages for the account and its transactions through notifications that appear in the application, in addition to the usual text messages.

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