September 29, 2021

Al-Khaleej wins Saud Al-Otaibi with 100 times his salary

– Al-Qattan: We offer advanced offers on the “Al-Ratib” account.

– Special advantages for the front-row champions in facing Corona

Gulf Bank conducted the annual big draw for the salary account, crowning the lucky customer Saud Eid Amer Al-Otaibi with the grand prize of 100 times the salary.

The bank also organized the first monthly draw for the month of January for the salary account, for which Jumana Falah Ghuloom Muhammad won a prize equivalent to 12 times the salary.

Masoud Hayat

The draws were held last Thursday evening, at the headquarters of Radio “Kuwait Pulse 88.8” in “360 Mall”, with the presence and supervision of a representative from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and a representative of “Ernst & Young”.

The General Manager of the Personal Banking Group at the bank, Muhammad Al-Qattan, revealed that the salary account offers were renewed this year, congratulating Al-Otaibi for winning the annual prize for the salary account, which is 100 times his salary, and for Jumana Muhammad, who received 12 times her salary.

He said that “salary” from “Gulf” is the only account in Kuwait that offers special offers tailored to the customer’s need, in addition to monthly withdrawals and annual withdrawals that provide 100 times the salary.

Al-Qattan added that for the year 2021, the bank offers developed offers on the “salary” account to customers, who can choose between obtaining a cash prize of up to 300 dinars, or obtaining an interest-free loan, or a free credit card for workers in the government and private sectors.

He added that «Gulf» offers special offers for workers in the first ranks, in appreciation of their continuous efforts in facing the Coronavirus, calling on all Kuwaiti employees to take advantage of these offers and transfer their salaries to the «Gulf».

The first rows

“Al Khaleej” designed a special offer for Kuwaiti employees working in the first rows who want to transfer their salaries to it, as they get a set of benefits that start immediately after the salary transfer process is completed, including a cash gift of up to 200 dinars, or an interest-free loan of up to 10,000 dinars, or an offer One of the approved car loan agencies, in addition to a “Visa” or “MasterCard” credit card exempt from annual fees for the first year, and a “Mastercard World” card for free upon spending an amount of 5,000 dinars, in addition to 15,000 points from “Gulf Rewards”.

This comes in addition to other benefits that include a free safety deposit box for one year upon opening the account, free concierge services, a special interest rate for deposits, and a reclassification of the customer to a higher category of the bank.

Kuwaiti employees working in the General Fire Department, the National Guard, Civil Aviation (including Kuwait Airways), and those working in the Ministries of Health, Defense, Information and Interior could benefit from this offer.

Special features

The offers and benefits that “Al-Ratib” customers get from “Al-Khaleej” include the opportunity to choose the most suitable feature for the customer from among a number of attractive options.

The “Salary” 2021 offer provides all new Kuwaiti customers who transfer their salaries to the “Gulf”, the opportunity to automatically enter the monthly draw and win 12 times the salary, and in the annual draw for the largest salary account prize in Kuwait, which is 100 times the salary.

The “salary” account gives new clients who transfer their salaries to the “Gulf” the opportunity to obtain an instant cash prize of up to 200 dinars or an interest-free loan of up to 15 thousand dinars, provided that the salary that is transferred is not less than 500 dinars.

New customers can obtain “Visa” and “MasterCard” credit cards without annual fees in the first year, with the possibility of obtaining a loan of up to 70,000 dinars and repaying it within 15 years, or a consumer loan of up to 25,000 dinars.

Workers in the Ministry of Education, the oil sector, and Kuwaiti heroes working in various government sector agencies and government institutions benefit from this offer, in addition to workers in the Ministry of Defense, women working in the government sector, members of the army, and customers of the Preferred Package.

Attractive withdrawals

“Al Khaleej” holds monthly and annual draws, in which all salary account customers who have transferred their salaries to it in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 automatically participate to win a prize of up to 12 times the salary in the monthly draw, and 100 times the salary in the annual draw.

“Al-Khaleej” is the only bank in Kuwait that offers its customers the opportunity to win these huge sums in monthly and annual withdrawals, in return for transferring their salaries only to it.

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