October 28, 2021

Al Najada: Burgan Company is committed to its vital role in protecting the environment

Burgan Bank announced a new partnership with The Scientific Center, one of the centers established by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, as part of its ongoing endeavors within the framework of its social responsibility program and strategic sustainability initiatives to support environmental protection efforts and raise community awareness of environmental issues.

This year-long partnership with the Scientific Center confirms the Bank’s commitment to strengthening coordination mechanisms to support efforts to raise public awareness of environmental issues and the vital importance of effective participation in environmental protection.

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The partnership specifically aims to provide the opportunity for Kuwaiti youth to participate in a rich educational experience through the internship program “Be a Scientific Interlocutor” at the Scientific Center, which specializes in the field of scientific communication.

The cooperation also includes an initiative to support the production of 12 episodes of the “Al-Watan has nothing to do with it” program produced by the Scientific Center, which is shown exclusively on its social media channels, to show the distinctive beauty of Kuwait’s natural environments and the diversity of animals and plants that live on its land.

The “Be a Science Interlocutor” internship program continues over the months of June and July, targeting youth between the ages of 16 and 18. This program is designed to support community capacity building in STEM education, with a focus on supporting young people in communicating the wonders of science. and environmental protection messages and to be a force for change through social media.

Participants in the training program will enjoy a rich learning experience that contributes to building their capabilities in the foundations of effective scientific communication and educational programming, while this hands-on training will give participants the opportunity to learn best practices in non-formal education, and enhance critical thinking, communication, creative thinking and collaborative work skills. Young interns will also participate in the development, preparation and delivery of the 2021 Summer Science Center programs.

Burgan also supports the Scientific Center in its production of the episodes of the “Al-Watan” program, to contribute to highlighting the unique beauty of the natural environment in Kuwait, and the types of plants and animals that live on its land, and to contribute to raising awareness of Kuwait’s natural ecosystems.

The episodes of the program also focus on local efforts to preserve the environment and help present topics related to the environment and science in a simplified and easy to understand manner. It was produced in an attempt to enrich society with a new and attractive approach to scientific information, to be an educational resource for the world about the ecosystems in Kuwait.

The Bank’s Public Relations Manager, Hessa Hussein Al-Najada, confirmed that Burgan Bank continues its commitment to its vital role in supporting environmental protection initiatives, and raising awareness of related issues through various campaigns and activities targeting all members of society in general and youth specifically.

She said that within the framework of the bank’s social responsibility program and sustainability strategy, this partnership with the Scientific Center supports the common goal of increasing public awareness of the importance of the environment, the issues that threaten it, and ways to ensure its protection and sustainability.

Al Najada expressed Burgan’s pride in being an active partner in efforts to shed light on environmental issues, pointing out that this cooperation with the Scientific Center reflects his loyalty to this cause and his firm defense of its core values ​​to be a partner in positive change to enhance the general welfare of society, and to be a contributor key to sustainability and development efforts.

A commitment to sustainability

The Director of Marketing and Communications Department at the Scientific Center, Khaled Al-Ramli, affirmed the center’s commitment towards the sustainability of Kuwait’s future, whether through developing skills and increasing knowledge and passion for science among young people, or through environmental awareness activities.

He said, “We are confident that this partnership with Burgan will lead to a positive impact in educating the community about the natural ecosystems in our country, and the forms of life that are under threat due to various external influences that can be stopped through raising awareness, and we are committed to raising awareness of environmental protection, and the necessity of Take that very seriously.”

This comes at a time when this partnership confirms Burgan’s commitment to the comprehensive sustainability strategy, which reflects its interest in supporting basic issues that affect the well-being of society, and its keenness to continue developing various social responsibility programs through effective partnerships with organizations working to achieve the same goals, represented in In promoting continuous learning opportunities, increasing awareness and knowledge, and building the capacities of younger generations in particular, to prepare future leaders who will be the driving force towards positive change, development and sustainability.

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