December 2, 2021

Al-Shamlan: Maintaining data privacy avoids the cyber-crime trap

“Kuwait Finance House” (KFH) continues its efforts in supporting the activities of the banking awareness campaign “Let’s be aware”, which was launched at the initiative of the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Federation of Kuwait Banks, with the aim of spreading financial education in society and protecting the rights of customers.

Khaled Al-Shamlan, Group’s Retail Banking Services General Manager at KFH, affirmed keenness to inform the public of how to benefit from the banking services and products provided by the bank and their safe use, and the most important steps that must be followed to avoid electronic fraud, and to raise awareness of the customer’s rights when obtaining personal finance. Consumer or housing.

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He pointed to introducing the services provided to people with special needs, and clarifying the mechanism for submitting complaints regarding banking services, savings and investment, and others, to ensure an integrated awareness of the public and customers and to enhance it with best practices.

Al-Shamlan added that the “Let’s be aware” campaign contributes to enhancing financial inclusion and economic stability to achieve sustainable development.

He stated that, given the great technological development in digital banking services, and the increase in electronic banking activity, it became very necessary to enhance financial awareness among the public, highlighting the importance of data privacy to avoid them falling into the trap of cybercrime and sharing their personal data and passwords, stressing the importance of cybersecurity. To meet the challenges associated with targeting user data on various online platforms.

He pointed out that “KFH” uses all channels of communication with the customer to ensure the success of “Let us know” and to achieve the desired goals, such as the bank’s social media channels, the website, ATM screens, screen displays in the branches, and via newspapers, televisions and other means. Media, by publishing videos, educational materials and awareness messages, to ensure that awareness is raised among the largest segment of the public so that they are sufficiently familiar with financial and banking transactions.

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