July 27, 2021

Al-Tejari concludes its Ramadan social program

– Amani Al-Wara: The bank continues to fulfill its social responsibility and its mission of community service

Reducing the suffering of construction and cleaning workers on the streets, and giving them Eid clothing

– Visiting hospital children, celebrating Gergean with people of determination, and congratulating firefighters

The Commercial Bank concluded its Ramadan social program that it launched with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan this year, which aimed to highlight the spirit of solidarity and social communication between it and all individuals and sectors of society despite the exceptional circumstances that the world and Kuwait are going through, given the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

These circumstances did not prevent the bank from communicating with the public virtually and societal participation during Ramadan, while adhering to all health procedures and requirements in order to preserve the health of everyone and its work team.

The Deputy Director General of the Corporate Communication Sector, Amani Al-Wara, said that Al-Tijari continues to carry out its social responsibility and mission aimed at serving the community, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan and various occasions, noting that it started its activities by visiting the inmates of the Ibn Sina Hospital, the Department of Neurosurgery, to congratulate them by the blessed month.

Al-Wara continued that as part of its Ramadan program for this year, the bank launched a campaign to distribute breakfast meals to the fasting construction and cleaning workers in the streets, to alleviate their suffering and bring joy and happiness to their hearts in light of these exceptional circumstances, explaining that the idea of ​​distributing breakfast meals came as a continuation of the campaign. “Take it easy.”

She mentioned that, as usual, in the holy month of Ramadan, the Al-Tijari family represented by the institutional communication sector organized a visit for the children of the Integrated Care for People with Disabilities Foundation of the Public Authority for Disability Affairs, and the children of the Natural Medicine and Health Rehabilitation Hospital for the participation of people of determination in the celebration of the “Gergiaan” joy.

She pointed out that the bank, through this humanitarian initiative, is renewing a pledge it has made with the participation of the inmates of the various centers and associations, the joy of Al-Qarqiaan, which represents one of the old Kuwaiti customs in the month of Ramadan every year.

She indicated that on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr celebration, the institutional communication team paid a special visit to the Musharraf Fire Station, to congratulate them on the Happy Eid Al Fitr and in appreciation and gratitude for their efforts in protecting lives and property from the danger of fire, as well as carrying out all rescue operations and dealing with disasters at all times and during the blessed month of Ramadan, to maintain On the lives of citizens and residents in the event of fires.

She indicated that, in another context, the bank celebrated Eid Al Fitr with cleaning and construction workers, and distributed the Eid clothing to this group that deserves all attention, as part of the campaign “Hone On Them”, which it launched in its ninth year in a row.

Al-Wa’a stated that, in a related context and in response to the activities launched by the bank through the various social media platforms that are attracting the attention of many followers, Al-Tijari launched a series of health and sports advice and awareness messages in cooperation with Al-Mouwasat Hospital and Spartan Kuwait Club, in addition to a number of other competitions. Launched during the holy month of Ramadan and monetary rewards for followers and the public.

Al-Rawaa indicated that Al-Tijari continues its humanitarian initiatives and support for social welfare programs, based on its social responsibility towards the various individuals and sectors of society.

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