April 16, 2021

Al-Ula Authority: The opening of the heritage sites to visitors at the end of this October

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate has completed its preparations to receive visitors after a comprehensive rehabilitation of a number of heritage sites, and the Commission confirmed that the UNESCO World Heritage Site stone begins to receive visitors on October 31, in addition to the Dadan site and Mount Ikma, which will be the first sites to reopen to visitors. After the development work it witnessed over the past period.

The authority stated that Al-Ula residents can enter the sites free of charge during the weekend (30-31 October), taking into account the precautionary measures for prevention, and obligatory to apply the standards of the Ministry of Health, which comply with the guidelines for “safe travel” and published by the World Travel and Tourism Council. These measures include mandatory pre-reservation of tickets, temperature checks at the airport, in addition to adherence to social distancing, and restrictions imposed on visitors at heritage sites and other sites.

For his part, Head of the Tourism Destination and Marketing Department at the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate, Philip Jones, explained the efforts made by the work team despite the challenges that all industries have witnessed globally due to the Corona pandemic, to present this important stage, and move to the next phase of AlUla’s journey through time.

Jones indicated that they have developed distinctive and original tourism experiences that highlight the essence of AlUla inherent in its heritage sites and natural monuments, adding: “We have a whole team on site to prepare AlUla to receive visitors and we are excited to give the local community the opportunity to re-visit their heritage sites before others, and we continue to create experiences. Tourism, through our team of professionals in the travel industry, we will lay the foundations for an integrated travel reservation and distribution system to make visiting Al-Ula an easy, smooth and unparalleled experience while preserving its value at the same time, and to prepare internationally to receive visitors upon returning tourist visas. Activities and experiences at heritage sites will be announced, as well as adventure experiences and events during the coming weeks that will be implemented in stages during the winter months, with a wide range of events expected for the winter season by the first quarter of 2021. The site of the old town of Al-Ula will also be opened to the public for the first time, starting. From December 2020. Visitors to Al-Ula will enjoy significant improvements at Al-Ula Airport, with convenient and modern transportation options throughout the governorate, including heritage sites, in addition to providing information at two new visitor centers. The new quality assurance program in Al-Ula also ensures a distinguished visitor experience in Al-Ula. On the other hand, flights are available with Saudi Airlines to Al-Ula from Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. Al-Ula is three hours away from Medina and Tabuk Airport by car. While it takes two and a half hours to visit the Red Sea by car, which visitors can add a visit program to their trip.

Visitors can subscribe to the site (click here https://www.rcu.gov.sa/) to be the first to receive updates on making reservations available for visiting heritage sites and knowing the dates of other bookable experiences.


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