April 16, 2021

“Al-Watani” continues “Ramadan Magazine” in cooperation with “Rifood”

The National Bank of Kuwait continues its “Ramadan Magazine” campaign to support low-income families, in cooperation with “Rifood”. The campaign aims to help 3,000 families in Kuwait, and it comes within the framework of the annual Ramadan Bank’s “Do Good in the Month of Goodness” program that has been going on for 27 years.

Al-Watani and Reefood volunteers collect, store and organize consumer and food products that are surplus to the market’s needs, to distribute them to 3,000 families with limited income in Kuwait. Through this initiative, food is saved and the environment is preserved at the same time.

The upholstery and the hook

The bank indicated that the “Ramadan Magazine” launched by “Al Watani” and “Refood” contains a variety of other food and consumer items that meet the needs of needy families during the holy month. These baskets aim to secure what families need in the long term and are distinguished by the high quality of their selected products. Carefully.

He explained that the campaign aims to support needy families with a basket of high-quality food and consumer goods, which contributes to preventing food waste and finding a suitable solution for consumer goods distribution companies to get rid of excess and surplus food products from the market need, and this would reduce the percentage of food waste in landfills and try to create A balance between production and consumption.

Al-Watani indicated that this campaign works to serve societal goals related to the sustainability of society, its economy and its environment, especially given the impact of food waste on our environment and our society, as well as enhancing community awareness of the environmental and social harms of food waste, through a commitment to support sustainable programs such as food redistribution that Doing reefood.

The bank affirmed its continuation of its social programs in order to enhance community support and its plans for sustainable development, as it succeeded in achieving clear results in relation to its efforts in the field of sustainability through many contributions and initiatives that cover various social aspects, especially the health field.

He pointed out that the contribution of “Al-Watani” comes from its commitment to its social duty, as it participates in providing support and assistance to families with limited income to receive the holy month this year in a different way full of hope.

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