May 16, 2021

Amicable agreement between Nike and the creator of the “satanic sneakers”

The “satanic sneakers” had been created by taking one of the models of the equipment manufacturer Nike. Controversial, they had been created in partnership by the “cartistic collective“MSCHF with American rapper Lil Nas X, who agreed to call them back and offer a refund to their buyers, as part of an amicable settlement with the now-York company.

The model, offered for sale by MSCHF, is initially an Air Max 97 sneaker made by Nike, to which have been added some distinctive signs reminiscent of the devil, including a pentagram (inverted five-pointed star), sometimes considered a satanic symbol. A drop of human blood was also injected into the sole, according to the company.

Nike had attacked MSCHF, accusing it of counterfeiting and brand dilution, claiming that calls for a boycott of the supplier had been made. “We agreed to settle the dispute amicably“MSCHF said in a message sent to customers on Friday.”As part of this settlement, Nike has asked us, and we have agreed, to initiate a recall of Satan shoes and of Jesus shoes to remove them from circulation“.

The Brooklyn-based company, which presents itself as an artistic collective, adds that it is ready to fully reimburse the purchasers of all copies of these two limited series, if they request it before April 21, while indicating that they are place not to return the said shoes. Sure that now the odds of these sneakers will explode.

Contacted by AFP, Nike confirmed that an amicable agreement had been reached, providing for “a voluntary recall“shoes by MSCHF.”Both parties are happy to be able to resolve their dispute“, added the equipment manufacturer. The online sale on March 29 of these” satanic sneakers “- for $ 1,018 a pair – had caused controversy. They were the result of a partnership with the American rapper Lil Nas X made famous for his hit Old town road, whose remix flew over the spring and summer of 2019.

Some, such as the Republican governor of South Dakota, had deemed these black sneakers decadent. MSCHF, which specializes in limited editions, retorted that its shoes were works of art intended for collectors, protected as such by the First Amendment of the American Constitution, in line with another limited series, “Jesus shoes“, introduced in October 2019 and whose soles contained holy water, which Nike had not opposed. No complaint had then disturbed their sale. A complaint for discrimination in view of the many satanist sects in the United States ?

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