January 28, 2023

Bad breath? Probiotics could be a valuable aid

Getting up in the morning with a breath that smells not exactly of roses is certainly embarrassing, but the good news – so to speak – is a common problem for many. Morning bad breath is a form of bad breath caused by bacteria present in the mouth. When you sleep, in fact, salivary secretion decreases, which is essential to remove bacteria inside the oral cavity, which, consequently, proliferate rapidly, decomposing any food residues that deposit between the teeth, on the tongue and on the edge gums and at the same time releasing malodorous chemical compounds. According to a new study, a review published in BMJ Open, some probiotics could help solve the problem of halitosis: according to the authors, lactobacillus salivarius, lactobacillus reuteri, streptococcus salivarius and weissella cibaria have the ability to decompose the amino acids and proteins of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, blocking the production of malodorous substances. The main cause of persistent bad breath (therefore not only in the morning) attributed to volatile sulfuric compounds, usually produced by bacteria in the oral cavity as a result of the combination of food residues, bacterial flora of saliva and poor gingival and dental hygiene. Plaque and tartar contribute to bad mouth odors.

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