December 2, 2021

Boubyan Bank launches the “Trade Finance Academy”

– Al-Hammad: We offer a training program that develops the skills of our employees in “trade finance”
– Al-Duwailah: choosing topics very carefully and professionally to keep pace with the bank’s policies

Boubyan Bank announced the launch of the “Trade Finance Academy”, which is the third professional training academies affiliated to its pioneering project “Boubyan Business School” for technical specializations in banking for its leaders and employees, in cooperation with the international “Euromoney” institution specialized in providing training solutions in Banking and financial field.

Adel Al-Hammad, General Manager of the Human Resources Group at Boubyan Bank, said: “To complement the announcement of a set of ideas based on creativity and innovation as one of the pillars in the bank’s management and one of the bank’s core values, we are launching the (Trade Finance Academy), through which we offer a training program for our employees in the management of the Bank. Trade finance to develop their skills in line with the rapid changes in the requirements of the global labor market in the financial and banking sector.”

Al-Hammad explained that the training program was designed virtually to understand the main aspects of international trade and manage its technical and banking operations, stressing that Boubyan Bank will rely heavily during the next phase of its strategy on cooperation with major international training institutions and focus on training academies aimed at enhancing the competencies of its leaders and human resources.

He added, “The 15 trainees from the Operations Group employees will undergo an intensive five-month training program covering four main topics in the field of trade finance through a two-phase virtual training,” noting that the trainees will undergo a set of tests and practical applications before Initiate training to assess their current level, as well as gauge their skill development after each of the four topics.

Al-Hammad stressed that “the trainees will have to pass a test after the end of the training program to obtain accredited international professional certificates that document their experiences and skills and establish the launch of a new phase aimed at setting standard standards for the competencies and skills of employees within the bank in each department according to the leading practices followed globally.”

Regarding the most important topics that will be addressed by the Trade Finance Academy, Assistant Director General of Banking Operations Group Abdulaziz Fahad Al-Duwailah explained that all of these topics relate to the main aspects of international trade and the management of its operations, such as identifying product risks in commercial operations and identifying how to mitigate those risks, in addition to applying the rules of the Chamber of Commerce. International Standards (ICC) for each operational stage of the commercial product and structuring letters of credit, letters of guarantee and standby letters of credit.

Al-Duwailah added, “The aspects and topics that will be covered by the training program were chosen very carefully and professionally, in cooperation with the Training Department in (Boubyan), to come in line with the bank’s policies aimed at refining and raising the skills of its employees and forming a distinguished technical work team in the operations group in general and the management of trade finance in particular so that its members enjoy They have distinguished expertise and work in an environment equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best solutions and services to Boubyan customers.”

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