June 24, 2021

Boubyan Bank opens its new branch in Egaila

– Al-Doub: We are keen to give customers a unique experience during their visit to our branches

Boubyan Bank opened its new branch in the Egaila area, adding a new branch in the area, which includes another branch in Al-Bairaq complex, as part of its expansion and spread plans, to be the closest to customers, especially in areas experiencing significant population growth.

The Assistant General Manager of Personal Banking Services at Boubyan Bank, Bashar Al-Doub, said that the new branch is able to serve all the bank’s customers and other new customers, using all the capabilities that have been put in their service, pointing out that the region is one of the fast-growing areas that need Distinguished services for the convenience and ease of life of all its residents.

He added that there are currently two branches in the Egaila area, the first is the branch that opened years ago in the Al-Bairaq complex and operates on a double-shift system, and the second, which was recently opened, which will operate in a single period from 8:30 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

Al-Doub stated that the new branch keeps pace with the latest developments witnessed by the bank to achieve the highest levels of service for customers, whether companies or individuals, in light of the bank’s keenness to ensure that customers enjoy a distinctive experience during their visit to any of the branches and obtain high and distinctive levels of service.

He pointed out that the new headquarters was designed to provide distinguished services to customers easily and easily, while providing sufficient spaces for their movement and waiting, noting that an area was allocated to serve men and another for women, so that Boubyan Bank remains distinguished and able to develop these branches in line with the continuous development in the banking industry locally and globally.

He pointed out that the design of the new branch combines the technological and technical character while preserving the modern character that distinguishes Boubyan Bank, to confirm its identity and be instantly recognized wherever it is found through its design by the most famous international designers specialized in designing the branches in a modern and modern manner that takes into account developments in the banking industry.

Al-Doub stated that the branch is considered one of the environmentally friendly branches, as it is equipped with iPads and display screens for the bank’s products, which replaces the use of brochures and printed papers.

Al-Doub stated that Boubyan Bank managed, at the beginning of this year, to achieve a new achievement by continuing to be at the top of customer service in Kuwait by receiving the Service Hero award as the best Islamic bank in customer service for the eleventh consecutive year since 2010.

digital expansion success

Al-Doub indicated that during the crisis caused by the “Covid 19” pandemic, the strength and success of the strategy pursued by the bank for years in investing and expanding digital services, which confirmed its success and importance in light of the circumstances that Kuwait and the world are currently going through, through the increasing Rely on banking services provided by digital channels.

He pointed out that customer service requires all bank employees to continue to provide the highest levels of service while continuously developing it to maintain customers’ confidence and always give them an advantage compared to other financial institutions, pointing out that the challenges related to customer service are increasing day by day and are placed on the Various departments have new responsibilities.

Al-Doub stated that the bank continues to expand and invest in more digital banking services, along with its expansion in opening more branches as part of its plans to acquire distinct market shares in various fields.

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