May 16, 2021

Champions League: “If Mbappé is reduced” it seems “extremely risky to start him”, assures the consultant Jérôme Alonzo

For Jérôme Alonzo, franceinfo football consultant, “if Mbappé is diminished” It seems “extremely risky to make it debut” the return leg of the Champions League against Manchester City. The presence of the Parisian striker, hampered by a contracture in the right calf, is increasingly uncertain as PSG must create the feat to snatch his qualification for the final after losing the game 2-1 at home.

franceinfo: A package from Mbappé would be a disaster for PSG?

Jérôme Alonzo: In the same way that Bayern Munich had been greatly diminished, without Robert Lewandowski, PSG will necessarily be greatly diminished without Mbappé, who is one of the best strikers in the world. So, inevitably, when one of the best players in the world is uncertain, the odds are a little less your favor, especially when you lost in the first leg and it will absolutely be necessary to score at least two goals.

Can we imagine a bluff from PSG?

Honestly, I don’t think so because I saw the first leg and saw an already diminished Kylian Mbappé. It is not possible, this player with his current form, he cannot offer a performance like that in one of the biggest games of his career. Mbappé was absent from the first leg for reasons which, in my opinion, his physique. He wanted to give it a try. He wanted to play this game and he was diminished. If Mbappé is reduced in the same way tonight, it seems extremely risky to make him start.

Do we have reason to hope?

Objectively, yes, because this season we have seen PSG very, very good away from big teams, I am thinking in particular of Barcelona and Bayern, because you still have Neymar, who remains an exceptional player, because you have Keylor Navas who is one of the best goalies in the world. Marquinhos is one of the best players in the world too, who is not talked about much, but who really is the soul of this team. I will not tell you that the odds are in favor of PSG for the qualification. It’s not huge, but it’s 60/40.

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