September 29, 2021

Cheat height with square sole shoes

Square spearhead shoes, slender straps with classic design help you easily combine with many outfits, increase height.

The high heels are not only fashion accessories to help complete the look, but also become the “weapon” for women to increase their height and femininity.

On the VnExpress Shop, there are many models and designs of square heels to help you easily coordinate with outfits.

Erosska pointed toe shoes, open heels, original price 320,000 VND reduced to 99,000 VND. Youthful design, soft lines. Shoe models have many color options such as nude, green moss, black, white, yellow

Title Cheat height with square sole shoes

SUNDAY DV59 snake-skin-pattern heel sandal shoes are polite pink, the original price is VND 474,000, reduced to VND 299,000. Open foot design, easy to carry, convenient to move. The product is sewn from synthetic leather with a soft leather surface, providing comfort to wear.

Women's shoes, Erosska block heel high heel with delicate straps 7cm high - EM019 (BA) 220.000đ169.000 VND with youthful design, soft, delicate lines will bring you perfect beauty with feel lightness in every step.

Women’s shoes, Erosska block heel block heel shoes, square sole, 7 cm high, original price 220,000 VND, reduced to 169,000 VND. Shoe pattern suitable for many types of clothing thanks to youthful design, soft lines.

Fashionable pointed Erosska high heel shoe basic design 5cm high EP011 420.000đ169.000 High quality PU leather - soft lining Material sole material: High quality TPR rubber sole, ensure adhesion and super smooth.  Avoid carrying the product in rainy weather or bad weather so that it does not get wet, leading to peeling Store the product in a cool place to keep the product's quality at its best.

Erosska spearhead shoes original price 420,000 VND reduced to 169,000 VND. Basic design, suitable for many fashion styles, high-quality PU leather and soft lining material. TPR rubber sole, ensures adhesion and smooth wearing.

Sunday CG49 smooth high heel shoes 474.000đ299.000 Soft straps style with sturdy sole.  Anti-wear and slippery when moving.  SUNDAY CG49 smooth high heel shoe has an airy design, easy to carry, and easy to move.  The product is made of synthetic leather with a soft leather surface.  Standard sewing form, bringing comfort to wear.  The glue material is used for the export market, so it is very sturdy and durable.

Sunday CG49 high heels original price 474,000 VND reduced to 299,000 VND, soles are sturdy, anti-wear and slippery when moving. The shoe has an airy design, easy to carry, and convenient to move. The product is made of synthetic leather with a soft, durable leather surface.

Square heel with bow tie SUNDAY CG52 - Brown 458.000d229.000 Material: Synthetic leather • Heel style: Square heel • Heel height: 7 cm

SUNDAY CG52 bow tie shoes original price 458,000 VND, reduced to 229,000 VND. Classic bold brown color, suitable when combined with skirts, skirts … Shoes with a height of 7 cm but still easy to move, soft leather material.

Square heel sandals with dip strap SUNDAY DV69 - Black color 474.000đ379.000 Preservation instructions Use cotton cloth to dab a little of skin cleansing cream to clean stains on shoes.  Then, gently wipe the area with a wet cloth.  Paper can be inserted inside the shoe to absorb moisture (avoid using printed paper because ink can get on the shoe).  When skin is wet, dry, keep in a dry place, avoid the effects of heat or sunlight.

SUNDAY DV69 ruffled sandal shoes original price 474,000 dong, down to 379,000 dong. The fancy, feminine strap design with black color is suitable for almost all styles. When there are stains, you just need to use a cotton cloth to dab a little of skin cleansing cream, and wipe with a wet cloth.

Fashionable square toe Erosska high heel sandals with 5cm high straps EM038 (NU) 450.000đ139.000 Sole material: High quality TPR rubber sole, ensuring adhesion and super smoothness.  Design: Youthful, Gentle Height: 5cm.

Erosska square nose with slender straps, original price 450,000 VND, reduced to 139,000 VND. Material TPR rubber base, ensuring adhesion, smooth feet. Easy-to-wear shoes, youthful and beautiful design.

Fashionable pointed Erosska high-heeled shoe with a 5cm bow base design EP005 420,000đ189,000 Youthful design Outfits are easy to match, giving women a sense of confidence, escapism, and lightness.

Erosska pointed toe shoes at the original price of 420,000 VND, reduced to 189,000 VND. Basic design with feminine bow details, easy to coordinate with all types of clothes, giving a sense of confidence and lightness when moving.

Erosska fashion high-heeled sandals with flanges, 5cm high heels EB024 320.000đ225.000

Erosska high-heeled sandal with 5 cm high-heeled shoe has an original price of 320,000 VND, reduced to 225,000 VND.

In addition to the above shoes, you can refer to many other types of sports shoes, office, sandal here. Shoe models are deeply discounted, delivered to the place with many attractive incentives on Shop VnExpress.

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