June 1, 2023

Cohesion…a strategic goal for the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

The King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue, since laying its first building blocks, has been concerned with strengthening national cohesion and making it one of its goals that it seeks to achieve through its various activities, programs and meetings, as one of the national pillars and components that bring together and link the people of the same nation, increase their cohesion and solidarity and lay the foundations for peaceful coexistence among them. This gives them the strength to confront everything that affects their social fabric and national cohesion, thus contributing to building a cohesive society. This interest of the center comes by establishing a culture of coexistence and tolerance and spreading it among members of society in a way that achieves the public interest and preserves national unity in order to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

In the field of developing and refining skills, the center established the first academy in the region, the Dialogue Training Academy, which was accredited by the Education and Training Evaluation Authority. Scientifically vetted training programs in accordance with the foundations of the human capacity development program, one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which seeks to prepare a globally competitive citizen. ‏

Through the academy, the center offered many courses and programs related to the family and focused on its cohesion and the elements of its success, including the family dialogue program, the marital dialogue, the parents’ dialogue with the children and the dialogue with the child, the civilized dialogue, and advocacy communication skills programs in cooperation with the concerned authorities locally and in cooperation with (UNESCO) abroad.

The center also presented many different activities related to the family, children and youth, embodying and translating its role and efforts in consolidating cohesion and unity, confronting its threats, preserving the national fabric within the framework of national constants and deepening them through meaningful dialogue in order to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership.

The center’s interest in the family reflects its importance as the nucleus of society, the source of its development, and the formation of its societal and educational entity.

As for its various activities in all regions, the center has been keen, since its inception, to establish programs, projects and initiatives, whether through its headquarters in Riyadh, or through its branches, or its supervisors spread in all regions of the Kingdom, with the aim of consolidating and strengthening the values ​​of cohesion and cohesion among All segments of society in all administrative regions

These events included many national meetings that were held in a number of regions, as well as forums, conferences, seminars, sessions, lectures, evenings and workshops, as well as the implementation of many training programmes, exhibitions, introductory corners and youth dialogue cafes that highlight the importance of promoting the values ​​of national and community cohesion. To become a general culture, positively reflected in the different relationships and interactions between all segments of society, regardless of their customs, opinions and age groups, in a way that consolidates the values ​​of cohesion and social coexistence, and deepens the bonds of unity between them.

The “Cohesion” program is among the most prominent programs presented by the Center to promote this value and achieve its vision of spreading and strengthening the values ​​of coexistence, diversity, moderation, tolerance and national cohesion, and preserving everything that threatens the unity of the societal fabric. The program, organized by the center in six regions of the Kingdom, is based on promoting the concept of moderation and demonstrating its impact on activating the roles of young people and contributing to enabling them to build initiatives that serve the region and the country.

In the field of volunteer work, the center worked to invest the capabilities and energies of youth by promoting the concept of volunteer work and highlighting its role in spreading a culture of cohesion, and benefiting from those with successful volunteer experiences and ideas, since volunteer work is one of the most important means used to enhance the role of youth and experts in various fields. Aspects of life, and the number of volunteer opportunities at the center through the volunteer work platform has reached more than 6,000 male and female volunteers in all regions of the Kingdom. ‏

In the field of studies and indicators, the center has been interested in conducting many studies, research and opinion polls that support the decision-maker with the resulting results. National cohesion and social cohesion, in order to achieve the Kingdom’s vision

The indicator aims to measure the behaviors and practices shown by members of society and its institutions in their expression of individual and collective feelings and feelings towards social, cultural and behavioral issues and matters related to the security and stability of society, which increases the necessity of working to enhance cohesion and cohesion among members of society, in order to Achieving comprehensive and integrated progress, development and growth in all aspects of life

The center has also issued many books and publications, and signed many partnerships and agreements at the local level with many ministries, government agencies and community institutions with the aim of promoting the values ​​of cohesion, to become the way to live within a cohesive and cohesive society. ‏

On the international level, the center was able to activate its cooperation with a number of international institutions, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Arab Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) and the United Nations Development Program at the Economic Development Council of the United Nations.


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