April 16, 2021

“Commercial” cleaning and construction workers share in the joy of national holidays

The corporate communication sector team at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait participated with the workers at their work site the joy of national holidays, by distributing souvenirs and Kuwaiti flags to them to celebrate this occasion, as part of the activities of the campaign “Understand them” aimed at taking care of the construction and cleaning workers, and bringing joy and pleasure to Their souls at all times.

In a statement, the bank pointed out that the institutional communication team took into account all health requirements and social distancing when distributing gifts to workers, in response to the current circumstances and to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The Deputy Director General – Corporate Communication Sector – Amani Al-Wara emphasized the interest of “commercial” and its continuous participation in social and humanitarian activities that serve all members of society, indicating that, “on the occasion of Kuwait’s celebrations of the National Day and Liberation Day, we saw the participation of cleaning and construction workers as the joy of the holidays and the most precious occasions on our hearts.” All of them ».

Al-Wara pointed to the important role that cleaning and construction workers have in maintaining a healthy environment free of waste, noting that the bank has realized the importance of providing all support and care to this group for a long time, and has even been proactive in launching a campaign to protect them from this category, which won The pioneering social work award at the level of the Gulf countries.

Al-Wara stated that the smile on the workers ’faces when celebrating with them on this occasion and distributing gifts to them will always remain the main engine of the bank towards activating more similar charitable and humanitarian programs and events, thanking all the followers of the campaign“ Underestimate Them ”on social media and appreciating the admiration they have shown. Appreciation and approval for the campaign idea and the work team.

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