June 1, 2023

Covid-19: 236 dead in 24 hours, 4,743 patients in critical care

UPDATE ON THE SITUATION – New measures, new reports and highlights: Le Figaro takes stock of the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

The antibodies neutralizing the Covid remain in the blood for at least eight months after an infection, the Prime Minister Jean Castex confident, Sao Paulo and Rio suspend the vaccination with AstraZeneca of pregnant women … Le Figaro takes stock this Tuesday, May 11 on the latest information related to Covid-19.

  • 236 deaths in 24 hours, 4,743 patients in critical care

The Covid epidemic continues to ebb in France on Tuesday, where 236 patients have died from Covid in the past 24 hours, according to the latest report from Public Health France. 4,743 people are still in critical care, including 285 who arrived in 24 hours. 25,028 patients are currently hospitalized – 1,239 since the day before.

  • AstraZeneca delivery delays: the EU takes legal action

The EU is demanding before the Belgian courts that AstraZeneca deliver by the end of June to the Twenty-Seven the 90 million doses of its vaccine that were not delivered in the first quarter, on pain of financial strain, announced Tuesday the European Commission. The Swedish-British group delivered in the first quarter only 30 million doses of the 120 million planned, and plans to provide in the second quarter only 70 million of the 180 million it was initially to deliver.

  • Antibodies stay in the blood for at least 8 months

Antibodies neutralizing Covid remain in the blood for at least eight months after infection, according to an Italian study published on Tuesday. This observation is valid “regardless of the severity of the disease, the age of the patients or the presence of other pathologies”, According to this study carried out by the prestigious San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in collaboration with the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), the body advising the government on public health. “The presence of antibodies, although it decreases over time, is very persistent: eight months after diagnosis, only three patients“Of the 162 follow-ups (29 of whom died) were no longer positive for the detection of these antibodies, explained in a joint statement the San Raffaele and the ISS.

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  • The French will have to “adapt »Their vacations to their vaccination appointments

The French will have to “adapt“This summer, and choose their dates of departure on vacation according to their vaccination appointments, estimated Tuesday the Ministry of Health. Adaptations to the vaccination campaign are planned, to send more doses to tourist areas and to allow some to obtain their second dose in their holiday region, but this must remain “the exception“, Said the ministry during an online press point. “You have to adapt your vacation schedule. (…) You will need to adapt to your vaccination schedule for these holidays“, We explained, while the vaccination campaign is expanding this week to all over 50s, before the entire adult population in mid-June.

  • Pfizer for American teens

As in Canada, the authorization of Pfizer / BioNTech’s vaccine has been extended to adolescents aged 12 to 15 in the United States, the United States Medicines Agency said. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is also studying this upcoming extension of Pfizer’s vaccine for adolescents.

I say it in the clearest way: we are finally emerging from this health crisis in a sustainable way.», Affirmed the head of the French government in an interview published Tuesday in the press, whereas a gradual return to a more normal life starts on May 19. The scientific council supposed to guide the choices of the government warns him that “the coming months will be very uncertain»If the incidence rate remains high, placing the target below the threshold of 10,000 new cases per day, against an average of 17,000 positive cases per day over the past week. France launched its tourism revival campaign on Tuesday, hoping to regain its leading position in terms of attendance ahead of Spain, Greece and Italy.

  • Intermittents of the show: the white year extended until December

Intermittent entertainment workers, deprived of their fees due to the health crisis, will benefit from a four-month extension of their unemployment compensation, the Ministries of Culture and Labor announced on Tuesday. This measure, decided in May 2020 by the Head of State and commonly called “White year“, Was to end on August 31, 2021. Intermittents asked for a second blank year because of health uncertainties. The extension until December will be followed in 2022 by aid measures to support the resumption of activity of some 120,000 live performance professionals.

  • Slovakia suspends vaccinations with first dose of AstraZeneca

Slovakia on Tuesday suspended vaccinations with the first dose of AstraZeneca, after announcing that it was examining the case of a patient who died of a blood clot after receiving the vaccine. “Only people waiting for their second dose of this vaccine are currently vaccinated with AstraZeneca. The use of this company’s vaccine for the first doses has been suspendedThe Ministry of Health said in a statement.

  • Sao Paulo and Rio suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca for pregnant women

Many Brazilian states, including those of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, announced that they had suspended the vaccination of pregnant women with AstraZeneca serum on Tuesday, following the recommendation of the regulatory agency Anvisa, following a “incident“. According to the newspaper Folha De S. Paulo, the Ministry of Health is investigating the death in Rio de Janeiro of a pregnant woman who received the AstraZeneca vaccine, information still unconfirmed to AFP by the authorities.

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  • Pre-order for treatment

The French biotech Xenothera, created in 2014 and based in Nantes (west), announced on Tuesday that it had signed a pre-order contract with the French government for 30,000 doses of its treatment in development against Covid-19. This antibody-based treatment, XAV-19, is intended to prevent worsening of the disease and transfer to intensive care of patients with moderate Covid.

  • Greece steps up vaccination on islands

Greece is speeding up vaccination against Covid-19 on its islands with a view to reopening to tourism on May 14, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday. “We are giving our islands priority … by opening vaccination to the entire adult population, before it is the case in the rest of Greece”, He affirmed during a teleconference with the presidents of regions. “The goal is for all permanent inhabitants (of the islands) to be fully vaccinated by the end of June.“, Kyriakos Mitsotakis clarified.

  • Hong Kong: vaccination of domestic workers not compulsory

Hong Kong on Tuesday abandoned a plan that sparked an uproar to make the Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for foreign domestic workers. The authorities have however announced that the 370,000 domestic workers working in Hong Kong, mostly Philippines and Indonesian women, will have to undergo a second test for Covid-19 after a first test which was to have been carried out by May 9.

  • Nearly 3.3 million deaths worldwide

The pandemic has killed at least 3,306,037 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report established by AFP. After the United States (582,153 deaths), the countries most affected are Brazil (423,229 deaths), India (249,992 deaths), Mexico (219,089 deaths) and the United Kingdom (127,609 deaths). Among the hardest hit countries, Hungary is the one with the highest death toll relative to its population, followed by the Czech Republic.


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