April 16, 2021

Covid-19: should the whole planet be vaccinated to prevent the spread of variants?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Professor Christian Bréchot recently worried about the lack of vaccines in Africa, South America and Asia. Can a poor distribution of vaccines favor the emergence of variants?

THE QUESTION. The lack of vaccines in Africa and more widely in the poorest countries of the planet is the subject of many criticisms. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already been upset several times since the start of vaccinations, urging the richest states not to monopolize the doses produced.

While a new variant has emerged in Nigeria, Prof. Christian Bréchot, former director of Inserm, recently defended on LCI the idea that the entire globe should be vaccinated so as not to promote new mutations. “The Nigeria case, I think you really have to be very careful. We are really at the very beginning. But there is a fundamental question which is vaccination in Africa, also of course in South America and Southeast Asia. Beyond the ethical and moral duty to vaccinate the entire globe, it illustrates the fact that letting the virus circulate in certain areas will promote new mutations», Explained the virologist. While vaccination campaigns are especially very advanced in the richest countries on the planet, are we making a mistake – beyond the moral dimension – by thus promoting the emergence of mutants potentially resistant to vaccines? In this regard, should we aim for vaccination of the whole planet to reduce this risk of variants?

CHECKS. Since December, several variants of the Covid have emerged

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