March 23, 2023

Covid-19: should we fear a “fourth wave” by the end of July?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This is what the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran said, while the Delta variant is progressing in France. Can the British example serve as a predictive model?

THE QUESTION. Are the British giving us a mirror of what will happen in a few weeks in France? Country of origin of the Alpha variant, the United Kingdom experienced a very strong epidemic wave from last December, which hit the hexagon at the start of 2021. Ahead of vaccination, the British were also able to show among the first that vaccines were effective in reducing severe forms of Covid-19. But now the United Kingdom, still ahead, has experienced a strong epidemic resumption since May due to the import of the Delta variant, originating in India, which, for a few weeks, has also been gaining ground in France. .

In this context, all eyes are on London. The question of a possible “fourth wave”Which we thought would arise at the start of the school year could it be asked now? Everything suggests it since the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, noticed this Sunday on Twitter that “for the past five days, the virus has not declined, it has increased again. Because of the Delta variant which is very contagious“. “The English example shows that a wave is possible from the end of July. We can limit it and limit its health impact: barrier actions, vaccine, test / alert / protect», He affirmed. Is this risk significant? And what do you mean by “fourth wave»Given the strong contagiousness of the Delta variant, but fortunately the effectiveness of the vaccines?

CHECKS. And note first that the “Mr. Vaccine»Appointed by the government said more or less the same

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