June 1, 2023

Covid-19: Will Sars-Cov-2 become a seasonal virus like the flu?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This is what Emmanuel Macron suggested, who considers “likely” regular vaccination booster shots to be protected against the form of the virus “in the current year”.

THE QUESTION. After two years of pandemic and five “wavesMany wonder how long the coronavirus will continue to hamper our lives. The arrival of vaccines had let glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel, with the hope of reaching the Grail of collective immunity. However, although 90% of adults have received two doses of the vaccine in France, the prospect of seeing the virus disappear is no longer considered. And even if the vaccination has significantly mitigated the impact of the virus on the hospital compared to previous waves, the situation remains tense.

Asked Wednesday evening on TF1, Emmanuel Macron warned that regular reminders could be put in place. “Every year the flu comes back with a slightly different form. You need to get vaccinated to be fit and have the right protection against the current year’s form of flu. It is likely that we are going towards that [pour le Covid-19]”. Another way to say the virus is here for a long time and we’ll definitely have to live with it?

CHECKS. Even if some believed in it in the early days of the pandemic, the …

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