April 16, 2021

Cycling: victim of racist insults, Nacer Bouhanni will file a complaint

Former French champion Nacer Bouhanni has announced his intention to file a complaint after racist insults against him, via social networks, following his downgrading during the Cholet-Pays de Loire race on March 21. He then crushed the British Jake Stewart against the barriers, and received several hate messages following this gesture.

Hello to all the little jokers who have been having fun for a week writing to me personally or commenting on some cycling sites that I should return to Africa, that I am a criminal, that I am a Maghrebian who needs to be interned and who constantly send me (pig’s heads)!“. In a message posted on his Instagram account, Nacer Bouhanni responded to the racist messages he received since his downgrading to the Cholet – Pays de Loire race. He had then crushed against the barriers the Briton Jake Stewart, who had the right hand fractured in the accident.

Nacer Bouhanni reacts to the racist insults of which he is the victim

© Instagram Nacer Bouhanni

In his Instagram story, the sprinter of the Arkea-Samsic team supports his comments with screenshots of several hate messages received in different languages. “Know that I was born in France and that I will file a complaint because it has been a long time since I endure it and keep silent but, this time, I will not let go“Said Bouhanni, who has Algerian ancestry. He has received support from his teammate Warren Barguil and track cyclist Grégory Baugé.

Bouhanni denies an intentional gesture

For having crushed his British competitor, the Frenchman faces a sanction from the International Cycling Union (UCI), which seized its disciplinary commission and “strongly condemned dangerous driving“from Bouhanni. The day after the race, the Vosges had apologized.”My mistake was to change course to take his wheel. I don’t see Jake Stewart at this time. When we make contact with each other I find myself unbalanced and catch up as best I can so as not to fall“, he explained, emphasizing:”By no means was it intentional.

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