June 1, 2023

Death of Maxime Beltra in Sète: “It is certainly not an allergy to the vaccine”

The 22-year-old died of anaphylactic shock nine hours after receiving his first injection of Pfizer. A delay far too long for there to be a direct link, believe the specialists interviewed by Le Figaro.

In a few hours, he became the symbol of the Covid antivax movement on social networks. Maxime Beltra, a young 22-year-old Sète died this Monday evening, July 26, when he had received a first injection of the Pfizer vaccine earlier in the afternoon. In a video he shared early Tuesday morning, a man posing as Maxime’s father claims his son died at 11pm “following an allergic shock after being vaccinated at 2 p.m.“.

An investigation was opened at the Montpellier prosecutor’s office, but for the time being, the link between Maxime’s vaccination and his death has not been established. Allergist physicians interviewed by Le Figaro even believe that it is highly unlikely that the vaccine could have resulted in the death of the young man. “We must remain cautious, especially since we do not know the medical file. But if anaphylactic shock is to occur, it manifests itself within an hour of vaccination, or even within 15 to 30 minutes after

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