May 31, 2023

Disillusioned living in a skyscraper

AmericaThere are super expensive prices, but the apartments in skyscrapers in New York are bringing horror experiences to residents.

In September this year, a three-story apartment atop Central Park Tower, in New York City, was listed for $390 million. If sold, this is considered the most expensive apartment in the US, only for the super rich – the group that makes up 1% of the world’s population.

At more than 470 meters high, Central Park Tower is considered a new development in 150 tumultuous years of skyscrapers in New York.

Residents of the 432 Park Avenue building complained of having to endure noise and vibration during their living. Image: Erik Pendzich / Rex Shutterstock

Many people say that living in high-rise apartments is a romantic thing and are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to own. “It would be interesting to see the city from above, something that few people have the opportunity to enjoy,” said Carol Willis.

“But it is the mistake or loophole in the zoning law that allows the tallest buildings to be built on a very small area of ​​land. This makes many people feel terrified to live in ultra-thin buildings.” Mr. Derrington commented and said that many ultra-thin apartments have been facing many complaints and lawsuits from the owners themselves.

As the residents of the 432 Park Avenue building completed in 2015 – considered the world’s first tallest residential building, are suing the investor for $ 125 million because they often hear the creaking or ghostly murmur of the building. the air flows into the doorway, elevator shaft when indoors; feeling of swaying at night; ongoing plumbing problems; Elevator often malfunctions…

“I spent a lot of money believing it would be the best building in New York, but it’s not,” said Sarina Abramovich, who bought a 325-square-foot apartment for nearly $17 million. in 2016, said.

In addition to wind swings, unstable structures, many engineers also say that these buildings have not yet been tested for exits if a fire occurs. “There have been no reported incidents of dangerous incidents at skyscrapers so far, but they still make buyers wary about the level of safety and convenience,” Derrington said.

Phuong Minh (According to ABC News, The Guardian)


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