June 1, 2023

Environment and sustainable development… a workshop on the research outputs of KAUST University is at the forefront

topped the environment and sustainable development; The effectiveness of the workshop launched by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology “KAUST” today; Including the outputs of its latest scientific research, and presenting the university’s latest innovations that highlight its role in various fields of sustainability. KAUST opened through the effectiveness of the 4-day workshop; Competition in presenting inventions and projects that male and female researchers worked on at the university; Which establishes its position as a research university based in the Kingdom with global visions.

The exhibition accompanying the event included examples of this research creativity. most of which were patented; It can be converted into value-added projects for development and the labor market, which enhances the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. In promoting the transfer of research into projects that serve different fields.

The event was attended by various government sectors; Based on KAUST’s keenness on the presence of its partners in such events and activities; which introduces society to research and its role in shaping the future; At a time when research and innovation development is an urgent need in the current era.

For his part, Professor Tony Chan, President of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), explained; In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, that the effectiveness of this workshop; It sheds light on scientific research and innovations rooted in KAUST, which is based on the university’s vision and mission to serve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region, and the world. In the fields of energy, water, environment, food and health, in addition to science and technology, and digital fields.

He referred to the joining of prominent international experts; To explore new aspirations that will drive KAUST research towards meeting challenges and achieving successes in positive impact at the national Saudi level; Noting that the university continues to present many important qualitative projects for KAUST with its partners in the Kingdom.


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