December 2, 2021

Foxconn presents its first electric cars

Posted on Oct 18, 2021 5:44 PMUpdated Oct 18, 2021, 6:16 PM

A black sedan walks silently on the stage, before coming to a stop under the large H in neon magenta, logo of Hon Hai, official name of Foxconn. The conductor leaves, while the small string orchestra invited for the occasion begins a “Happy Birthday”. This is Terry Gou, founder of the Taiwanese electronics giant, who is celebrating his 71st birthday that same day and who has just received, as he himself says at the microphone, “his best birthday present”.

The staging borrows as much from tech shows as from automotive ones. On Monday, Apple’s main subcontractor unveiled its first three prototypes of electric vehicles: a sedan, an SUV and a bus. Their names – Model E, Model C and Model T – immediately bring to mind another American brand, that of Elon Musk and the Ford T which launched the first automotive revolution. “Foxconn is nothing new, we are ready,” said Young Liu, its president.

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