June 24, 2021

«Gulf» crowns Khaled Abdullah with 12 times his salary

Gulf Bank conducted its fourth monthly salary account draw for the month of April, at its headquarters, in the presence and supervision of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, crowning the customer Khaled Ahmed Ismail Abdullah with 12 times the salary.

The General Manager of the Retail Banking Group, Muhammad Al-Qattan, said, “We congratulate the customer Khaled Ahmed Ismail Abdullah for winning 12 times the salary, and we remind customers that there are continuous opportunities to win monthly, in addition to the annual big draw on the grand prize, which is 100 times the salary.”

Al-Qattan added that the Gulf Bank salary account is the only account in Kuwait that offers special offers tailored to the customer’s needs.

Gulf Bank offers advanced offers from the salary account to customers for the year 2021, so that the customer can choose between obtaining a cash prize of up to 200 dinars, or obtaining an interest-free loan, and a free credit card for workers in the government and private sectors, and it provides special offers for workers. In the first ranks in appreciation of their continued efforts to confront the Corona virus.

Gulf Bank has designed a special offer for Kuwaiti employees working in the first rows who wish to transfer their salaries to it, so that they get a set of advantages that start immediately after the completion of the salary transfer process, including a cash gift of up to 200 dinars, or an interest-free loan of up to 10,000 dinars, or From the approved agencies for a car loan, in addition to a credit card “Visa” or “MasterCard” that are exempt from annual fees for the first year, and a free “MasterCard World” card (when spending 5000 dinars).

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