June 1, 2023

Hide your wife and children about winning the jackpot

Mr. Li (name changed) said, on October 20, he bought three lottery tickets in Litang town, Binyang district. The next morning he read in Litang that there was a jackpot winner and the number on the screen matched the number Li had played for many years.

“Because I was so excited, I drove to Litang to stay in a hotel until I received the award,” the man said.

Mr. Li, wearing a mask, received an award of 219 million yuan. Image: Sohu

On October 24, Li received the prize and immediately donated 5 million yuan (VND 17 billion) to the Guangxi Welfare Lottery Center to do community activities. The rest of the money he “still has no plans to do”.

Although very excited, Li appeared quite calm and said “will not tell his wife and children for fear that they will not work hard anymore”. Currently, family and friends do not know that Li has become a millionaire.

Information about Li becoming one of the three jackpot winners with the highest value in Guangxi province has received the attention of many people. In particular, the statement “does not disclose the lottery win to his wife and children”, is receiving mixed views. Many people believe that this is dishonest behavior, even an act to hide the property born in the marriage, and the next step may be to terminate the marriage to own it alone.

Lawyer Fu Jian, director of Zejin Law Firm in Henan, said that because the lottery ticket was purchased during the marriage, the winnings belonged to both Li and his wife.

The Civil Code of China also stipulates that the winnings earned by husband and wife during their marriage belong to common property. A party buying a lottery and winning a prize but hiding winning information is a violation of the other party’s right to know. Both husband and wife are obliged to truthfully notify each other about their common property after marriage. His wife not only has the right to know about the 219 million bonus, but also has the right to decide how to spend the money.

Bao Nhien (Follow Sohu)


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