April 16, 2021

“I understood that I was concerned by the long Covid”

TESTIMONIAL – Caroline de Malet is head of department at Figaro Tomorrow. She testifies to her experience faced with two successive contaminations by the coronavirus, and especially symptoms that do not disappear, months later. A situation shared by more and more French people.

Some found it hard to believe me. Others, for fear of offending me, contented themselves with questioning me. “Are you sure? Have you tested positive each time? ” Yes, I have been infected twice with Covid-19, the first time at the very beginning of March, the second at the end of October. My experience, uncommon, is not spectacular, having contracted mild forms of the disease. But it allowed me to touch the hell that many French people have been going through struggling with Covid-19 for months, almost a year for some, without being able to find either answers to their suffering or appropriate care. their situation.

It took me a long time to understand that I myself was concerned by the “long Covid”, this form of the infection that does not let you go, sometimes many months after seeing the first symptoms appear, with highs and downs, in the form of a roller coaster.

It all starts at the beginning of March with a sore throat, a lot of conjunctivitis, a cold, problems

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