May 16, 2021

In Italy 9,116 new cases and 305 deaths. The 2.9% positivity rate is the lowest since January 15

I’m 9,116 i new cases of coronavirus in Italy (yesterday they were +5,948, here the bulletin). It goes up like this at least 4,059,821 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I’m 305 (yesterday they were +256), for a total of 121,738 victims from February 2020. People recovered or discharged they are altogether 3,524,194 is 18,477 those that came out of the Covid nightmare today (+13,038 yesterday). The positive current – the subjects who have the virus – turn out to be in everything 413.889, equal to -9.669 * compared to yesterday (-7.348 the day before), down from 6 April with the sole exception of 2 May.

The swabs and the scenario

THE total swabs (molecular and antigenic) were 315.506, or 193,677 more than yesterday when there were 121,829. While the rate of positivity 2.9% (the approximation of 2,889%): it means that out of 100 swabs performed, more than 2, almost 3 were positive; yesterday it was 4.9%. Here is the map of the contagion in Italy.

More infections in 24 hours than yesterday. It always happens with more tampons. The new cases are still below the threshold of 10 thousand for the third consecutive day. And the case-to-test ratio drops two points to 2.9% from 4.9% on Monday: this is the lowest percentage ever, since the rapid tests were introduced in the calculation of this value on January 15 (data prior to January 15 cannot be used for comparison as it does not include antigen tests). A good news. Furthermore, from the comparison with last Tuesday (April 27), when +10,404 cases were registered with a positive rate of 3.4%, an improvement is seen. The trend of the curve keeps going down slowly, while the vaccinations proceed, not with a uniform speed on the national territory.

The curve of the new positives on the Civil Protection website

There are three regions with a four-digit increase in new infections: Lombardy (+1.354), Campania (+1.331) and Puglia (+1,028). All the others communicate an increase to two or three numbers, except the Molise which marks +5 cases. Lazio has processed the largest number of tests of the day, with over 40,000 swabs found 803 infected in 24 hours.

Low-risk Covid are the very young, as Franco Locatelli said in a hearing in the Senate committee. In the pediatric population, the risk of undergoing serious Covid disease is contained – explained the coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee – if not irrelevant. The price paid in terms of lives lost in the pediatric population was 19 patients under 18 who lost their lives and there was often a concomitant disease. The very young may be exposed to stress as a result of measures to contain the pandemic.

The victims

The death toll is dramatically high: 305 new deaths compared to 256 yesterday (49 more). Four regions have zero bereavement – Umbria, Molise, Valle d’Aosta and the Province of Trento – while the highest number of deaths in Lombardy (+41), Campania (+38, of which 21 died in the last 48 hours and 17 in the past few days ), Lazio (+36) and Puglia (+34). To have over 20 deaths are: Piedmont (+28), Tuscany (+25), Sicily (+25) and Emilia-Romagna (+24). Below the details of all the regions.

The health system

Hospitalization is decreasing, both in critical and non-critical areas. The beds occupied in ordinary Covid wards I’m -219 (yesterday +50), for a total of 18,176 hospitalized. THE beds occupied in intensive care (ICU) I’m -67 (yesterday -34), bringing the total of more seriously ill to 2,423, with 136 new entries in resuscitation (yesterday +121). The largest number of people entering intensive care in Lombardy (+25).

Coronavirus in Italy, today's May 4 bulletin: 9,116 new cases and 305 deaths

The vaccinated

The vaccine doses administered are over 21.1 million. Citizens who have received the second dose are more than 6.3 million. Here the map updated every evening and here the real-time data of the anti Covid-19 vaccines report on the government website.

Here all the bulletins of 2021, here those of 2020. Here the news of the day.

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The cases region by region

The data provided below, and broken down by region, is the total cases (number of people found positive since the beginning of the epidemic: includes deaths and recovered). The variation indicates the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 810.037: +1.354 cases (yesterday +637) with 39.365 swabs
Veneto 414.227: +721 cases (yesterday +364) with 34.384 swabs
Campania 397,384: +1,331 cases (yesterday +959) with 26,892 swabs
Emilia Romagna 372.262: + 488 ** cases (yesterday +641) with 29.546 swabs
Piedmont 347.957: +637 cases (yesterday +343) with 20.951 swabs
Lazio 327,273: +803 cases (yesterday +661) with 40,366 swabs
Puglia 238,144: +1,028 cases (yesterday +335) with 13,803 swabs
Tuscany 229,540: +503 cases (yesterday +570) with 22,393 swabs
Sicily 211,895: +902 cases (yesterday +734) with 32,557 swabs
Friuli Venezia Giulia 105,587: +133 cases (yesterday +51) with 5,786 swabs
Liguria 100,133: +161 cases (yesterday +135) with 6,588 swabs
Marche 98.359: +204 cases (yesterday +59) with 4.416 swabs
Abruzzo 71,724: +85 *** cases (yesterday +37) with 5,718 swabs
PA Bolzano 71,427: +73 cases (yesterday +5) with 11,093 swabs
Calabria 61,227: +302 cases (yesterday +228) with 4,062 swabs
Sardinia 54,980: +104 cases (yesterday +61) with 2,919 swabs
Umbria 54,736: +98 cases (yesterday +35) with 10,041 swabs
PA Trento 44,219: +87 cases (yesterday +17) with 1,849 swabs
Basilicata 24,330: +72 cases (yesterday +26) with 1,524 swabs
Molise 13,314: +5 cases (yesterday +22) with 563 swabs
Valle d’Aosta 11,066: +25 cases (yesterday +28) with 690 swabs

Deaths region by region

The figure provided below, and broken down by region, is that of the total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The variation indicates the number of new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 33,014: +41 deaths (yesterday +28)
Veneto 11,385: +16 deaths (yesterday +4)
Campania 6,484: +38 deaths (yesterday +30)
Emilia Romagna 12.940: +24 deaths (yesterday +10)
Piedmont 11.330: +28 deaths (yesterday +19)
Lazio 7,757: +36 deaths (yesterday +22)
Puglia 5,998: +34 deaths (yesterday +52)
Tuscany 6,273: +25 deaths (yesterday +29)
Sicily 5,468: +25 deaths (yesterday +20)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 3,720: +3 deaths (yesterday +3)
Liguria 4,210: +10 deaths (yesterday +6)
Marche 2,951: +6 deaths (yesterday +1)
Abruzzo 2,420: +5 deaths (yesterday +3)
PA Bolzano 1,164: +2 deaths (no new deaths yesterday)
Calabria 1,040: +5 deaths (yesterday +16)
Sardinia 1,398: +5 deaths (yesterday +4)
Umbria 1,361: no new deaths (yesterday +4)
PA Trento 1,346: no new deaths (yesterday +1)
Basilicata 542: +2 deaths (yesterday +4)
Molise 478: no new deaths for the third day in a row
Valle d’Aosta 459: new no deaths for the third day in a row

* The reduction of current positives today – with the minus sign in front – depends on the fact that the healed, added to the deaths, are greater in number than in the new cases.

** Emilia-Romagna announces that 2 cases have been eliminated, positive to antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab.

*** Abruzzo reports that 1 positive was subtracted from the total of positive cases because it is duplicated.

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