June 1, 2023

Is the ketogenic diet recommended for people with epilepsy?

There ketogenic diet (keto diet) a food scheme based on the reduction of carbohydrates that pushes the body to produce ketonesresult of the metabolic breakdown of fats in the liver, to be used as energy. Since we descend from our ancestors who survived famines, we have very efficient defense systems, including ketogenesis – he explains Stefano Erzegovesinutritionist and psychiatrist, scientific communicator in the field of preventive nutrition and eating disorders (as well as author of the thematic forum of Health Courier) —, but this does not mean that it is advisable to forcefully stimulate them for long periods. The prerogative of the ketogenic diet is the high consumption of animal proteins, but if everyone in the world followed it we would face a certain extinction due to environmental consumption: a diet cannot be good for humans and toxic for the environment.

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