May 16, 2021

Italy: enthusiasm for the bicycle


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France 3

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Europe is in the spotlight on France Télévisions. Zoom on Italy where the bicycle is gradually taking its place.

Rome (Italy) and its hills, traffic jams, cobblestones and poor roads could at first glance be a hostile environment for bicycles. However, in recent months, they have invaded the city. With the pandemic, the Romans became cyclists. Valeria Picchi sold her scooter last year to buy an electric bike. It allows her to take the children to school, to go to work, she no longer travels without it. “A revolution is underway and I am part of it, we are not yet Denmark, we need to change mentalities and we are going there little by little. We are a generation of transition.”

At this bicycle store, sales jumped 50% last year. Many Romans turned to cycling, encouraged by Italian state grants of up to 500 euros offered for the purchase of a new or used bicycle. “Since last year, things have changed. The craze affects all categories of the population of people. Not only to play sports but also to go to work,” explains Giulio Maselli, owner of a bicycle shop. Local elected officials promise a cycling ring road for 2022.

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