June 8, 2023

Jeddah Municipality tracks street vendors and seizes 3 tons of Ramadan vegetables and drinks

The field monitoring efforts of the Jeddah Municipality in tracking street vendors and combating negative phenomena on the main roads and within residential neighborhoods during the month of Ramadan resulted in the destruction of a number of random stalls and the confiscation of more than 3 tons of vegetables and fruits, in addition to 141 liters of Ramadan drinks of unknown origin in the Safa and Obhur areas. .

The secretariat explained that within the framework of the efforts aimed at combating “random selling” and monitoring violations related to public health, the supervisory teams were able to seize random stalls in the main streets of the Al-Safa and Obhur neighborhoods. It included the vegetable market area, where it was able to confiscate about 3 tons of vegetables and fruits that were randomly offered to consumers in an environment that lacks all health requirements.

In the same context, the Obhur Sub-Municipality confiscated, during the past days, about 15 boxes of vegetables and fruits, which were seized in a number of main streets and within residential neighborhoods, and they were handed over to charitable societies. Sobia”.

The Jeddah Municipality confirms its continuation of its efforts in combating “random selling” by carrying out inspection rounds to monitor and remove street vendors and violating rugs in locations where vendors are present.


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