June 24, 2021

KFH: A major role for employees to raise awareness of the goals of “Let’s be aware”

“Kuwait Finance House” (KFH) stressed the great importance it attaches to the role of its employees in contributing to the definition of the “Let’s be aware” banking awareness campaign, which was launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait in cooperation with the Federation of Kuwait Banks, to spread financial culture and raise awareness of the best ways to benefit from financial services. For banks, highlighting customers’ rights, responsibilities and obligations.

KFH intensifies its messages related to the campaign to the employees, with the aim of benefiting from their direct contact with customers, to achieve maximum effective awareness and achieve the campaign objectives.

KFH aims, through a series of messages addressed to its employees, coinciding with its continuing efforts in the same field to educate customers, to achieve the maximum possible number of goals set within the continuous campaign until the end of the current year, and to ensure the highest level of effectiveness based on the ability to communicate and face-to-face. Between employees and customers, and the delivery of a set of basic messages related to enhancing the credit, financial and banking culture of customers, and its transmission and coverage to society as a whole.

This approach expresses the importance that KFH attaches to its employees, and their great role in achieving its goals and enhancing its position on the banking arena, and confidence in their capabilities and giving as they are among the most important assets and strongest capabilities it possesses.

This also confirms the need for the performance of employees and their interaction with customers to be high and consistent in order to achieve the common interest, and to enhance banking work in general, and contribute to achieving financial stability and sustainable development in society, and is considered an advanced stage in the campaign activities to deliver direct messages to customers through employees. And through direct meeting during service provision or receiving inquiries and instructions

The Central Bank of Kuwait launched the banking awareness campaign entitled “Let’s be aware”, out of its belief in social responsibility towards bank customers, and within the framework of enhancing their awareness of the most important banking services provided to them in order to achieve safety of transactions, financial inclusion, economic stability, comprehensive awareness of customers’ rights and obligations, and the definition of the advantages of electronic financial transactions. And ways to avoid the resulting risks, represented by strengthening protection buffers and achieving cybersecurity to ensure everyone’s interests and protect society’s capabilities and wealth.

The main objectives of the campaign are to realize the basic principles and concepts in the financial and banking field, and to enhance the ability of bank clients to use banking services in the best way, while enhancing their awareness of the precautions they must take to avoid any misuse of banking products and services or breach of their obligations.

The campaign aims to enable members of the target group to benefit from the services provided by banks, to properly manage their savings and assets, as an essential step to increase levels of financial inclusion and enhance financial and economic stability.

The awareness campaign extends from its launch last January until next November, and sheds light on the types of financing, and explains the most important aspects that individuals should know about their types, which cover a number of personal needs and fall into two types: consumer and personal needs, such as buying a car, or Obtaining health care, completing studies, and other consumer purposes, and housing finance that covers housing needs such as financing the construction or restoration of private housing.

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