June 24, 2021

“KFH Capital for Gulf Equities” is among the best performing funds…

– Al-Mashari: the fund’s positive performance as a result of diversification and distribution of risks

The Vice President of Funds Management at KFH Capital, the investment arm of the Kuwait Finance House Group (KFH), Abdulaziz Al-Mashari, said that the investment funds managed by the company have achieved stable and balanced performance during the past year and since the beginning of 2021 until now.

He added that the performance of the “KFH Capital Gulf Equities Fund” was remarkable during the same period, given the positive returns it achieved in view of market conditions as a result of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and the varying performance of the Gulf markets as a result during the past year and in 2021.

Al-Mashari pointed out that the fund recorded an 11.54 percent return at the end of the first quarter in March, and rose to 18.3 percent by May 31, 2021, pointing out that this performance is among the best in the market.

He added that despite the difficult circumstances and challenges during 2020, the fund was able to achieve positive returns for shareholders, as the value of its assets increased by about 4 percent, which is an excellent percentage in light of the negative impact that affected stock markets due to the pandemic.

He stressed that the fund’s positive performance is due to the company’s management’s reliance on diversification and distribution of risks, and the implementation of a clear and solid strategy that focuses on corporate shares, operating profits, and major companies with sustainable growth and good profits in the Gulf markets.

Al-Mashari stated that the KFH Capital Gulf Equities Fund aims to provide attractive investment opportunities for those wishing to invest in Shariah-compliant stocks listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and the Gulf markets, and also allows those wishing to participate in the possibility of redemption on a weekly basis.

He pointed out that KFH Capital adopts a well-studied investment management strategy that is flexible in light of the volatile conditions in the financial markets.

He pointed out that the strategy followed by the company during the financial crises in previous years, proved its ability to deal with them with high efficiency through a specialized team with long experiences and skills that qualify it to manage investment funds in accordance with the best international practices.

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