June 24, 2021

KFH: Chances to win 77 kilos of gold from Al-Rabeh account

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) provides customers with many opportunities to win gold through the Al Rabeh account. The total annual value of the prizes reaches 77 kilograms of gold for 45 winners during the one-year campaign, while the grand prize is 12 kilograms annually.

This comes within the framework of the “Yisawa Touwal” campaign, which aims to strengthen the relationship between the bank and its customers, to give them a world of exclusive financing and banking offers, as well as an integrated package of digital services that add value to the customer’s banking experience.

Celebrating Gergean with the children of the Integrated Care Foundation for People with Disabilities

The customer can enter the draw on the prizes of Al Rabeh’s account by opening the account and transferring the salary to it, as when the salary is transferred to the “Al Rabeh” account and the continuation of its transfer for the three months preceding the draw, the customer will be able to participate in a monthly draw to crown 3 winners with a kilo of gold for each winner. And a quarterly draw to crown 3 winners with 3 kilograms of gold for each winner, and the grand prize within the annual draw, which is 12 kilograms of gold for the first winner, 3 kilograms of gold for the second winner, and 2 kilograms of gold for the third winner, so that the total of the winners is 45 customers, A total of 77 kilograms of gold were won during the year.

In addition to gold, the most prominent features offered by the campaign include 0 percent profit on auto financing up to 25,000 dinars, and a payment period of up to 5 years on selected brands, in addition to special offers from car agencies participating in the campaign.

The campaign offers a special offer on the Al-Tayseer card, with usage limits of up to 5,000 dinars, and a special offer on the Kuwait Airways MasterCard World Debit Card (Oasis Club), in addition to miles up to 50,000 miles.

The “Issua Convert” campaign includes all current and new KFH customers who meet the conditions. They can choose all or some of the aforementioned offers according to the customer’s conformity with the terms and conditions of each offer.

This comes at a time when KFH continues to excel in providing distinguished services and products that meet the aspirations of customers, and to give them an exceptional banking experience with the highest quality standards.

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