December 2, 2021

KFH clients completed more than 113 million digital banking transactions in 9 months

– Al-Shamlan: Growth confirms the efficiency of our services and leadership in providing mobile banking solutions

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) reported that the number of electronic banking operations carried out by its customers via (KFHonline) on the website or through the mobile application, exceeded 113 million banking transactions during the 9 months from January to September of this year, with a growth rate of 26% compared to in the same period of the previous year.

He pointed out that the electronic banking operations included, opening bank accounts for new customers, requesting personal financing using the electronic signature through the “My ID” application, instant printing of the debit card through the “QR Code”, depositing checks, local and external remittances, creating deposits, adding beneficiaries, and requesting Check book, opening a gold account, conducting buying, selling and trading gold, creating saving plans, withdrawing cash via civil ID, mobile number or “QR Code”, requesting prepaid cards, in addition to many services for different bank cards, following up on financing commitments and a number of Installments, viewing investment plans, following up account balances and deposits, “KFH Pay” service and many other electronic banking services.

The head of retail banking and private financial services for the group on assignment at KFH, Khaled Yousef Al-Shamlan, indicated that the growth in the volume of KFH customers’ use of the bank’s digital services and solutions via (KFHonline) on the website or through the mobile application confirms the efficiency of services and leadership in Providing mobile banking solutions and alternative channels to enable customers to complete their transactions around the clock and from anywhere inside and outside Kuwait.

He stated that KFH is moving forward with its digital transformation strategy, in which it has made great strides that strengthened its position in the Islamic financial services industry at the global level, stressing the importance of keeping pace with technological progress to meet the requirements of various customer segments, especially the young customers of the millennium generation who were born during a period of growth. A fast-paced digital, known to be particularly adept at using technology and social media platforms.

Al-Shamlan reviewed a range of services provided by KFH, including: the service of requesting personal finance and opening an account for new customers without the need to visit the branch and approving it with electronic signature through the “My ID” application, and the immediate transfer service to KFH Turkey using the “RippleNet” network.

Branches of «KFH Go»

Al-Shamlan stressed the importance of interactive software and self-service platforms such as: “XTM” machines, and “KFH Go” smart branches, indicating that the 10 branches of “KFH Go” located in different places in Kuwait, including Kuwait International Airport, allow customers to conduct a package A variety of interactive banking services, including: creating “Murabaha” commercial transactions, requesting credit and prepaid cards, updating data and phone number, activating bank cards, opening deposits and accounts, instant checkbook printing, instant printing of bank cards without prior request, and receiving bars Gold (10 grams) and opening an account (gold, savings, winner, automated service), as well as buying and selling gold, and withdrawing cash without a card via mobile through the “QR code” or through the civil ID or phone number, and so on. Many financial and banking services. He said that KFH is keen to continue investing strongly in technology and offering unique financial solutions.

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